Christmas Came Early, and I Was Clearly Good!

Hey everyone, how’s it going?!

This week has been an exciting one- you’d think it would be because my uncle just got married and I spent an incredible weekend in Adelaide, as much as that made me shed a tear of pure happiness or two, but that’s not entirely all. No, I’m definitely not discounting how ecstatic weddings make me, especially seeing my family so happy, but do you know what else is undoubtedly up there in the top ten make-kloe-jump-for-joy life moments?

Deliveries in the mail.

More specifically, deliveries in the mail that involve lots of edible foodie goodies from overseas.

Behold, the ultimate recipe (see what I did there? Laugh. I’m hilarious) for a happy Kloe. 🙂

FIrst, on Monday, just when I was really feelin’ the post-awesome-weekend blues and missing everyone, my gorgeous friend Aimee (who blogs over at The Aimee Diaries) sent me the sweetest little package of Nakd Bars, complete with a letter from the lovely girl herself. What is it about handwritten letters that make me smile like a ridiculous lunatic?! They never get old, and have such a nostalgic feel to them. Love.
For those of you who are feeling a tad disconcerted by the word “Nakd”, I don’t blame you. I may just take this opportunity to point out that despite being a very questionable and perverted kind of name, please dispel any thoughts, such as, “this girl is into pornographic snacks?!”, and let me give you a little bit of a context here.
Nakd Bars are the brain child of a company called Natural Balance Foods, which is located in the United Kingdom, and basically these little bundles of goodness are 100% natural.
This means no added sugar, no wheat, dairy or gluten, so they’re pretty much safe for any sensitive tummies, and are essentially heavenly mixes of various raw fruits and nuts- smooshed together into said bar!
See, not as bad as you thought, right?! In fact, infinitely better- and yummier, I must say. 😉

Thank-you, Aimee! Made my day. :)

Thank-you, Aimee! Made my day. 🙂

The flavours I got were cashew cookie, cocoa delight, berry delight (I’m sensing a theme with their names 😉 ), rhubarb & custard, cocoa orange and gingerbread.
I was surprised by the taste, they were quite fruity, but I’m guessing this is because dates form the base of most of them; and then the additional flavours are created by nuts, ginger, cinnamon, berries, etc.
My favourites, hands down, were definitely cocoa delight, cashew cookie and cocoa orange… which I just realised is half the selection, and I may as well just list the rest too! Oh dear. I need to learn to use “favourite” properly and be more selective! But I just couldn’t bear to leave any of the other great flavours out without a well-deserved mention!
I much prefer a nutty flavour than a fruity one, and I think that’s why I chose the ones I did.

These are just the right size as a quick morning or afternoon snack, and are convenient to have on the go and chuck into your gym bag as you walk out the door in the morning still half asleep.
The only downside is that they can’t be shipped out of the UK, but luckily, Aimee being the little detective she is, was able to snag some from a health food store in Adelaide! I always knew I loved that city not just because I grew up there. 😉


My next box of goodies arrived the day after, and I quite literally skipped to the post office, and ferociously ripped open the box when it was finally in my hot little hands- my first iHerb order, momentous occasion!
iHerb is an absolutely fantastic online store that I’ve heard countless things about all over the blogging world, and knew I just had to get stuck into- goodbye, paycheck!
iHerb offers a huge range of trusted brands that are renowned and popular in the United States, and makes it much easier for Aussies like me, living on the other side of the world on our island over there, to access these amazing products I see raved about everywhere!


Feast your eyes, my friends- my newest additions to my ever-growing nut butter collection! And let’s be honest, no one is surprised in the slightest, especially me. 😛
Being the fanatical nut butter fiend that I am, the White Chocolate Wonderful called to me. In a big way. And hence this jar of yum appeared.
Peanut Butter & Co is actually a cozy, cute little sandwich shop in New York, which apparently creates a variety of incredible, but insane (in the best sense of the word, I’m telling ya) peanut butter flavours.
For example, does dark chocolate, honey, or cinnamon peanut butter tickle your fancy?
My point exactly. I had to do everything in my power to not max out my credit hard purely buying peanut butter… but I’m a strong, independent woman who don’t need no overdrawing fee for peanut butter 😉
But let’s be honest, if I was going to be charged for overdrawing for anything, it would be peanut butter. No shame.

PB2 was something I was really curious about, and just had to experiment with it. Basically, it’s made by a company called Bell Plantation, passionate about peanuts and bringing them to families in healthy and convenient ways. Cue, the PB2 invention – all you need to do is mix 1 tbsp of water with 2 tbsp of the powder, to form a paste to use like you would use any other glorious nut butter!
The good thing is, PB2 is completely natural, chemical free, preservative free and has no sneaky artificial sweeteners. What you see is what you get, and boy am I happy with what I have!
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. At first, I was skeptical – the creamy texture of peanut butter was one of the main things I adored about it, so the powder form had me umm-ing and ahh-ing…
but I’m happy to report, PB2 still has a distinctly strong peanut butter flavour, even though the consistency of the paste was quite different to ordinary brands.
It’s also good for the diet-conscious, as it contains 85% less fat.
You never need to give up peanut butter! That would be inhumane though, am I right? 😉


Part two of the world’s best delivery, in the history of… forever. Wow, that was really vague and not exactly creative, but forgive me, I was too in awe of the above products!

Snackimals are little gems made by Barbara’s Bakery, and what I love about them is they’re much like Tiny Teddies – bear cookies I was a wee bit obsessed with as a kid. Only now, I’m able to relive the delicious memories of animal shaped biscuits, and pretend I’m five years old again, minus the preservatives, added trans fats and sugars.
There’s a mouth-watering range of flavours, like peanut butter (I tried to shake it up and get something different!), chocolate chip, oatmeal, and Snickerdoodle, which were the ones I decided on… and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did!
I ate these babies all in one go, I’m not going to lie. They’re perfectly crunchy, and they managed to fit the whole zoo in that little packet: Elephants, and pandas, and monkeys, oh my!
The Snickerdoodle cookies had a nutty flavour to them, and obviously, I was not complaining about that at all.
Sadly, I ate these before I could experiment and cute-ify my food by popping a few casual lions in my morning oats, or maybe crumbling up a few giraffes on top of some yoghurt… the possibilities are endless, and an awesome idea to make your meals much more fun and playful! Acting your age is so overrated. 😉

The Larabars, it’s safe to say, have literally change my life- for the chocolatey, peanutty better. These bars were so decadent, and were exactly like a slice of cake – perfectly crumbly and irresistible.
Something this delicious, that makes you feel like you’re being wildly naughty, but really you’re doing your body a favour and nourishing it? Um, yes please, sign me up!
I grabbed the peanut butter chocolate flavour, and I don’t think words can actually do justice to just how amazing these were.
Larabars are all natural, and made from unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Each bar never contains more than nine ingredients, so you know it’s full of the good stuff!
Check out the rest of the range. I intend on becoming filthy rich and buying a shipload of these bad boys in bulk. Too good to be true, and without a doubt my favourite bars yet! And yes, that means they’re reigning supreme over Quest Bars so far… sue me.

Has anyone tried any of these products?
What’s your favourite, creative way to use them in the kitchen? I’d love to hear and be inspired!

Also, if anyone can’t wait to hit up iHerb and get their shop on, use my discount code at the check out to get an instant 10% off!
If that’s not a great incentive (like you needed any more) I don’t know what is.

Your ticket to happiness is: CFR921.

Happy shopping!

Kloe 🙂 x


12 responses to “Christmas Came Early, and I Was Clearly Good!

  1. iherb is fantastic! I ordered white (and dark) chocolate wonderful last year, 2 jars of pb2 (yet to use to full potential methinks), quest bars (which I hated) walden farms syrups and coconut butter/oil. I think ill have to try a few of your suggestions!

    • iHerb is my new fave online store! oh my gosh, dark chocolate.. that is next on my list, and you may as well bulk buy huh?! 😉
      I like Lara bars a whole lot more than quest bars.. I didn’t like the weird, chewy consistency! threw me off.
      I’ve Been meaning to try coconut oil, and have heard that the walden farm products aren’t that amazing! hope your experience was better 🙂

  2. I really want to try PB2! Oh and I’m jealous of your larabars! The flavours I got banana bread and cashew cookie were not enjoyed by me at all 😦

    • pb2 is so so good, I definitely recommend it! it’s equally as yummy, and also so versatile to use in so many ways 🙂
      oh really?! I loved the Lara bars! maybe it’s a Flavour thing

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