Cafe Hopping: Argo in Adelaide.

In my post about my weekend in Adelaide for the wedding, I mentioned a fabulous cafe my grandma & I had lunch at on the Norwood Parade- a great little strip with endless boutique shops, restaurants and cafes. When I lived in Adelaide, I lived in the Kensington/Norwood area, so this was my local destination- and definitely never complained!

I remember as a kid there used to be this cute little deli, called Argo’s Deli, which I think was run by an equally cute little Italian man. He sold veggies, fruit, meat, that kind of thing, and it was a really authentic place. When I returned to The Parade this time, I was shocked to see that the deli had been replaced by some really cool, quirky looking cafe called Argo! I mourned the loss of the deli for about 5 seconds, before I saw the incredible menu, awesome ambience and declared that we were going there for lunch. No questions asked. 😉





I especially loved its fresh, modern look, which was probably the first thing that drew me in about it! I’m a big fan of unique, quirky places that really stand out from all its competitors around it. All the other restaurants and cafes in the area have stayed the same for, wow, most of my life! I remember coming out of ballet classes (that I spend 95% of in the corner for misbehaving), and heading straight over to cafe Manto across the road for a milkshake and big hearty bow of hot chips. Yep, Manto’s still going strong!
So it was really refreshing to see an awesome new edition had moved in.

Another great thing about Argo, is that it really catered for everyones tastes and needs: flipping through the menu, there were big juicy burgers, retro hot dogs, decadent milkshakes (did someone say Mars bar?! Holy yum), fresh wraps, sandwiches and salads. Not only that, but there was a fantastic range of vegan and gluten free eats! So if that happens to be your eating style, you won’t be hard pressed to find something delish you are able to eat. In fact, I’d go as far as to say you’d actually be struggling to choose from the awesome selection!

And for all those loyal coffee lovers out there (got your attention!), like myself, Argo offers 3 organic fair trade single origin bean blends, so sipping a coffee would be the perfect compliment to your meal. I can guarantee you’d leave feeling completely satisfied you got your much-needed caffeine hit, as well as yummy food that hit the spot. Two birds with one stone people, I’m telling you.

I chose the Yalla wrap, which was filled with felafel, tabbouleh, hummus and lettuce, and was divine toasted. Ain’t nothin’ like munching on a bit of Mediterranean goodness on a sunny nostalgic day in your old suburb. 🙂


We couldn’t resist wrapping (ha get it? If not, revisit what I had for lunch… I’m hilarious, I know.) up our meal with a sweet treat, so we checked out the massive spread of baked (and some not baked, like the raw vegan desserts!) goods on display near the register.
They sold everything from gluten free cakes, to vegan raw desserts, to classic brownies, to those biscuits covered in icing with snake lollies as a smile and m&m’s as the eyes… don’t act like you didn’t/may or may not still do this; you’d be lying. 😉
So we decided to grab a chocolate coconut vegan bliss ball, which was roughly the size of my head (note: slight exaggeration, but you get my point) and a good ol’ brownie for my grandpa for afternoon tea.

The bliss ball was so good, it was devoured by yours truly within about 10 seconds, resulting in crumbs covering the entirety of my body and the inside of the car. Yep, that good, that I surrendered all dignity.

It was made from dates, nuts, seeds, cacao and coconut, so there were all healthy wholefoods in there, all squished together into a ball of chocolately perfection. For all those Aussies, it tasted somewhat like a lamington! 🙂


I’d definitely say that if you ever happen to find yourself in the South Australian city of Adelaide, for whatever reason, make a date to go to Argo and treat yourself to a truly enjoyable breakfast or lunch. They’re scattered all over the place, and I spotted the big orange sign somewhere in the city as well.

Best Cafe you’ve been to?
What makes a good cafe in your eyes?
Go-to baked (or not baked, so I’ve discovered!) goodies?!



Kloe x


4 responses to “Cafe Hopping: Argo in Adelaide.

    • Aw thankyou nan, that means a lot 🙂 we’ll have to go back to Argo for lunch for old times sake next time!
      hope you’re all having a fantastic time together in Adelaide xx

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