Unforgettable Wedding Celebrations & Life is Good.

So it’s Monday again, and cue the inevitable blues… which are especially depressing today, because not only am I telling Monday to go away and never come back, but I’m nursing post-incredible-weekend-away blues as well. Talk about a double whammy!

On Thursday, I headed down to Adelaide (my beloved little hometown!) to celebrate my Uncle’s wedding. I arrived on Thursday afternoon, had some quality bonding time with the amazing grandparents who I miss oh-so-much, gobbled up dinner, and hit the sack for some beauty sleep in preparation for the weekend ahead. Friday was a blur of makin’ ourselves pretty and eating yummy food at this magnificent cafe, which was so cool and quirky and quite literally catered for everyone! The menu had goodies ranging from old-school burgers and hot dogs, to sweet potato fries, to vegan, organic eats, to brownies, to Mars bar milkshakes, to raw & vegan desserts… and I’ll stop there, despite my typical over-excitement. Control yourself, Kloe. 😛 I think I’ll do a separate post on the cafe, Argo, because it was so good it definitely deserves some foodie blogger recognition!
My grandma & I had a bit of a manicure date, and it made me so happy to see my grandma so flippin’ excited about it, chattering about it for hours after, as it was her first one. It’s the simple things in life, huh?
On Friday night, we headed to the airport to pick Tom up when he got here from Canberra. Yay for direct flights and no awkward, unnecessary stop-overs! 🙂 Obviously, because this mushy, no-shame girl was involved, there may have been a bit of a slow motion run complete with big hug a la The Notebook… I’m that keen bean who hangs right at the walkway exit pretty much blocking the path, oblivious to everyone sighing and dodging me because I’m too busy smiling like an idiot waiting for someone. I embarrass myself. Most of the time.

Saturday was the big day! It started off with my grandma & I getting my hair done, and I ended up going for some loose waves/curls (debatable?!) for something different to my normal straightening regime. I was definitely happy with it, and was feelin’ a bit like a brunette Tay Swifty… minus breaking into heart-wrenching (term used loosely) break up song.
Poor Tom was forced to sit and wait while I discussed Harry Potter dealthly hallows tattoos, vintage clothes & hair extensions with my hairdresser. My ability to have lengthy conversations with anyone was definitely inherited from my grandma! Thanks, Nan. 😉

The wedding was actually in McLaren Vale, which is about an hour and a half out of Adelaide and is such a beautiful little part of the world. It’s scattered with quaint little wineries, that are tucked in amongst the rolling hills covered in vineyards. Breathtaking, I wish I had a little getaway cottage here!

McLaren Vale



We stayed in a gorgeous cottage with amazing land around it, and casually a pack of sheep next door which amused my brother, Wil, and my cousin, Lily, to no end! (both under 3) 🙂
It was actually so big, and was able to fit the whole family in (minus the bride and groom, of course!) with no problems. It was freezing there, so the fireplace quickly became my new best friend. 😉

McLaren Cottage

McLaren Cottage

The wedding itself was simple but so beautiful, it couldn’t have been a more enjoyable afternoon and night if it tried!
We all gathered outside of Tapestry Winery, with the stunning view of the sunset over the vineyard just behind us. The timing was perfect, as the ceremony was bathed in that amazing late afternoon sun, giving it this magical glow. It was such a gorgeous, personalised wedding, with a humorous story about how the bride and groom met at the beginning. They both looked just so happy, and the brides’ dress was the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen and… Oh gosh, I’m just a sucker for weddings, okay?! I love them and get all mushy and warm and fuzzy.

My little cousin and brother were the flower girl and page boy, and it was quite possibly the cutest, most hilarious thing watching them run/skip/hop/army roll (yep.) up the aisle holding a wand and a flag saying “here comes the bride… last chance to run!” respectively. There are no words.

We had pre-dinner drinks before heading in for an incredible dinner with lots of delicious food: canapes to start, then a few shared main dishes, and wedding cake for dessert, of course. Wouldn’t be complete without it!
One of the highlights of the night was definitely the retro photo booth, and everyone was all over it from the start!
I must admit Tom and I may have gone a little overboard… but hey, when in Rome, right?!

Our pretty hefty collection! So many memories to keep.

Our pretty hefty collection! So many memories to keep.

Close up of my absolute favourites. Novelty props & black and white just make it!

Close up of my absolute favourites. Novelty props & black and white just make it!

There was lots of dancing, wine (dining at a winery will tend to do that!), hilarious (somewhat brutal) speeches, catching up with family, spending time with Tom, admiring the fantastic wedding and just overall I had a great night. Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom, and fantastic work with the wedding! It won’t be forgotten. 🙂

To wrap up an unforgettable weekend, a group of us all went to Settlement Wines on Sunday for a gourmet pizza lunch; our last chance to all be together before we all started heading back to the states we travelled from, and of course it was the last opportunity for many to sip and savour the wine McLaren Vale is famous for!

Another bittersweet goodbye to both my family and Tom, resulting in me heading back to Sydney feeling a bit sorry for myself and missing everyone. But I’m so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life, and such incredible memories together like those from this weekend! I’m so happy for my uncle and his bride, and wish them every happiness for their future full of adventure, love, laughter and joy.

Is any one as big a wedding fan as me? Do you get teary/all mushy no matter what?!
Has anyone ever been to South Australia, or the gorgeous McLaren Vale area there?
What’s the best weekend getaway you’ve ever had?

Lots more posts coming, I’m going to be one busy girl!
Enjoy your week everyone. 🙂


Kloe x



7 responses to “Unforgettable Wedding Celebrations & Life is Good.

  1. The weekend blues are the worst! I get them every time and if it’s a really good one, the tears start coming. It’s nice when you have a great time but going back to reality is always tough.

  2. The weekend blues are definitely horrible, I agree! And the better the time away, the more nostalgic you get!
    Alex, the photo booth was such a nice touch wasn’t it? Going to get one involved in my 21st and my wedding one day for sure. 🙂

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