My 20th: The Entry into (Hopefully) the Best Decade of my Life!

My gosh, life just does not want to stop for one second!
And hey, who says I’m complaining 😉

As I was still recovering from the high of my absolutely incredible Easter long weekend, my birthday thought it may as well pop its head in and continue the party. Thank-you, universe; for conveniently placing Easter and my birthday in one neat, little, amazing week! Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

I woke up on my birthday with mixed feelings to the max. I will admit I was like a little kid at Christmas the night before, and didn’t get much sleep as I was probably tossing and turning, grinning to myself like an idiot about the fact that in just 4 hours, it would be my birthday. Yes, I’m aware I very much resemble a 3 year old, most of the time.
Anyway, the sleep deprivation may or may not be the reason I woke up thinking, “oh my gosh, I’m 20. There’s no ‘teen’ involved, I have no idea how to feel about this! I feel so.. so old. So responsible and adult-like (feeling and being a certain way are completely different, mind you, haha), and now I really have to pretend I’m mature, classy and lady-like, at least 95% of the time!”
This little panic attack lasted a total of about 5 seconds, until my gorgeous grandma rang me and proceeded to sing the entire “happy birthday” song, with actually a decent voice. This is why I love her; she’s been doing that every morning of my birthday since I can remember! 🙂

I had brekkie with my fabulous best friend in the whole entire world, Ally (or Al-Dog, if you really want to get all cosy and on nickname basis. Don’t tell her I told you that.) We went to my all-time favourite cafe, Badde Manors in Glebe, and we were both royally disappointed! They’d changed their menu, not to mention removing my absolute favourite, go-to brekkie (cue the sad trombone), and our eggs and toast were mediocre to say the least. 😦
But, I chirped up when I realised the barista at my favourite coffee shop had promised me a free coffee on my birthday; so off I went to claim my prize… and with steamy, creamy coffee in hand, all was right in the world again.

I have to chuck in a special mention to the most adorable pressie Ally bought me from Peter Alexander. It’s our little birthday tradition to get each other something from there. A girl can never have too many overpriced, vanilla-smelling PJs, that’s for sure. 😉


They’re called snuggle booties, which adds a whole new, almost unbearable level of cuteness. If you see a girl wearing these bad boys all through Winter, regardless if I happen to be going out and pair them with a little black dress; it is most likely me. No shame, they feel way too heavenly not to wear every second of every day. 😉

That night, I caught the ferry over to Manly wharf to have dinner with the family. I’m actually surprised I made it there in one piece to be honest, as while I was casually minding my own business on the ferry, there was an announcement basically warning us about the freak weather and intense waves we were about to encounter. Oh yeah, no worries… never a dull moment with Sydney weather, I tell ya.

We had a reservation at Hugo’s Manly, which is this incredible restaurant right on the edge of the wharf, overlooking the water. At night the whole place is lit up spectacularly, I fell in love instantly! The food wasn’t too bad either. In fact, it was probably some of the best food I’d had in a while… apart from my fantastic Glass experience with Tom last week, of course!





For starters, we ordered polenta chips, which I’ll admit I’d never tried before, but was incredibly happy going back for seconds for. Oh wow, where have they been all my life? Really?! They kinda look like sponges in the below photo, but if you can get past that, and try some at some point in the (very near) future, I promise you you won’t regret it!

This is a bit of a sad, non-eventful photo that doesn't do them justice!

This is a bit of a sad, non-eventful photo that doesn’t do them justice!

Then we ordered a few pizzas to share, and I’m telling you now, not ever in my life have I known what a flippin’ good pizza actually tastes like, until I dug into some Hugos pizza. The taste was indescribable, just too good for words. There’s got to be a secret ingredient, and I’m on a mission to find out. I shall get back to you 😉

We picked the:

  • roasted pumpkin, zucchini, sweet & sour onions, gorgonzola and pine nuts
  • Wild mushrooms, taleggio, goat’s curd & caramelised onions
  • Slow roasted pork belly with sweet & sour onions, radicchio and buffalo milk mozzarella


I urge everybody, no matter where you live, to get your butt to Hugos and try all this stat. If you live overseas, better start googling for that next flight to Sydney. Might even contribute a good $20 for everyone’s flight, I’m feeling a bit generous and still in the whole birthday spirit thing. You’re very welcome. 🙂

And of course, no birthday is complete without a good ol’ cake to round everything off:

Berry goodness. Delicious.

Berry goodness. Delicious.


Clearly it was necessary to take cake shots from multiple angles/stages of devour-ation. ;)

Clearly it was necessary to take cake shots from multiple angles/stages of devour-ation. 😉


And I’ll leave you with a few family happy snaps from the night!

My gorgeous Mum & I; love her a whole bunch.

My gorgeous Mum & I; love her a whole bunch.


And this is how you keep a 2 year old entertained. Wil's set up!

And this is how you keep a 2 year old entertained. Wil’s set up!


Mandatory embarrassing selfie done and dusted.

Mandatory embarrassing selfie done and dusted.

All in all, an unforgettable start to my 20s, I’m really looking forward to this decade as I hear pretty good things about it 😉
Thanks to all my friends and family for making my day as special as it was!

Kloe x



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