An Easter Long Weekend to Remember.

Hey everyone,

Long time no speak! …blog? Either way, it’s definitely been a while. As I can imagine, you’ve all been as busy just generally enjoying yourselves as I have over the Easter long weekend, and soaking up all that quality time with the people who mean the most in life.
I can say this was one of the best Easter long weekends ever, hands down. It was incredible for so many reasons.

Firstly, Tom came over to Sydney from Canberra for the whole weekend, which of course instantly made me one happy lady! 🙂
He arrived on Thursday night, and basically as soon as he stepped off the plane it was straight to Newtown for drinks and catch-ups with all his mates he hadn’t seen since January, when he actually moved away. That many people turned up, Tom’s party pretty much took up the whole top level and we probably unintentionally pushed everyone else out… just by being generally rowdy and a tad intoxicated, whoops… 😉
It was a really great night, well, from what I can remember of it (I’m kidding, I promise!) and it was fantastic that Tom got to catch up with everyone. Needless to say, this was not the only night of heavy drinking for him 😉

Friday was a day at the Sydney Easter Show with the family, and we all had the best time being highly amused by my 2 year old brother’s reactions to the farm animals. I’ve never seen someone be so amused by a goat… well, apart from me when I saw the ram who had so much fur, it could barely breathe. But my lack of maturity is a whole other post for another day 😉
It was the busiest day there, as it was a public holiday, and quite honestly it was difficult just to walk around! After the animals, we checked out all the foodie goodies in the Woolworths Fresh Food Hall (as well as sneaking a few delish free testers, trying to pretend we were extremely keen and legitimately intending on buying some stuff… when in Rome, huh?!)
Then it was time to tackle to showbag hall… which was definitely enough to round off the day and ensure we all headed home utterly shattered and exhausted. I slept well that night, is all I will say!
On Saturday night, Tom and I had reservations at this incredible, classy restaurant called Glass, which is located on the top of the Hilton hotel in the heart of the city. I’d never really been wined and dined at such an expensive, high class restaurant before, so I was like a little excited school girl, and in the process almost knocked my glass of water over. Wouldn’t have been a great start… but the service was absolutely fantastic, the decor itself inside the restaurant was to die for, and the food… well, where do I even start? Some of the best I’d had.
We started off by sharing some truffle oil and parmesan fries (by sharing I mean me downing most of it, and leaving about a quarter of the bowl for Tom.. being the generous girlfriend I am!), and some zucchini flowers.
For mains, I had grilled fish with asparagus and tomato chutney, and last but not least (and definitely the most exciting):
we shared a creme brulee with macadamia biscotti for dessert.
Oh my gosh, it was divine. All the food was divine! I was in absolute heaven, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to Sydney, or just looking to treat themselves and their family/partner/best friend to an incredible night out with amazing food!
The dinner was my birthday present from Tom (which is on Wednesday, but he wasn’t going to be in Sydney on the day), and I could not have asked for a more perfect present.
Thank you so much Tom, I loved every second of the experience! I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much. 😛

106882_106652_2 ogi140307_img02

Just look at this place. Flippin’ fantastic.

My Easter Sunday was spent at Balmoral beach, indulging in an amazing picnic with the family and a family friend, and laughing at both of the little ones chasing a ball around the grass.. and eventually building up an army of other little ones within seconds. The flock to a ball like that, it’s insane! The lunch spread included chicken and chorizo skewers, grilled veggies with walnuts & parmesan, and a couscous, artichoke & capsicum salad. Of course, some fresh fruit and lots of choccie was needed to round out the meal. What would Easter be without ending the day with an intense chocolate hangover, coupled with a food coma?! Nothing, that’s what. 😉

Check out our view. It definitely does not get better than this for an Aussie Easter:


A mandatory pic of my Easter goodies. I scored well, thanks Easter bunny ;)

A mandatory pic of my Easter goodies. I scored well, thanks Easter bunny 😉

The long weekend finished off with a Monday, which thank the Lord, no one had to spend at uni or work. The last day of freedom was certainly going to be one we all took advantage of before having to return to the reality of actually doing work, and not eating chocolate for every single meal. Ultimate sadface. 😦
Monday was also Tom’s last day in town, so I spent the day with him, just chilling out, walking the dog with his family in the weirdly awesome Autumn sunshine, then having a BBQ dinner… it was just one of those days that are perfect, even though you’re not really doing anything crazy or out of the ordinary. Sometimes, those end up being the best days and the ones you remember. 🙂

Then Tom’s family and I all gathered around the taxi giving emotional hugs and kisses, and probably making the taxi driver feel extremely awkward (and a little bit left out, lets be honest…) 😉
and after that little session, it was time to actually finally get into the taxi he ordered, and off he went, to jet set back to Canberra.
The goodbyes are always the hardest part, and are so bittersweet- especially after such an amazing, fun few days together.
But there are always lots of new memories, and I’ll be seeing him again in a few weeks for a family wedding in Adelaide that he’s been able to get leave to come to… which is extremely exciting, and I cannot wait! 😀

I shall leave you with a few probably incredibly embarrassing photos that reveal just how dorky & loser-ish we really are…

And by roadtrip, we actually mean just driving like 5 minutes to the park to walk the dog... livin' the crazy life!

And by roadtrip, we actually mean just driving like 5 minutes to the park to walk the dog… livin’ the crazy life!

The only logical last minute thing to do was to scoff as much chocolate as humanly possible :)
The only logical last minute thing to do was to scoff as much chocolate as humanly possible 🙂


And yes, I will be the first to admit that this is indeed from the Snapchat app (we may or may not have sent these to everyone in Tom’s contact list…), and I am indeed one of those really cool people who will occasionally (read: all the time) screen shot the keepers I get sent. Sue me. 😉

What did you lovely people get up to this Easter, if you celebrate it?
What are your favourite Easter goodies?


I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful weekend and enjoyed every second, whether you celebrated Easter or not. 🙂

Best of luck to everyone starting back at work/uni/life/reality this week; I know I’ll need it!


Kloe x


9 responses to “An Easter Long Weekend to Remember.

  1. Awwww, what an amazing weekend!! I’m so happy for you that Tom was able to fly home and spend the Easter weekend with you 🙂 Glass sounds AMAZING. I’m not sure I’d be ALLOWED in such a classy establishment because I have the maturity level of, like, a 12-year-old boy…but I’d act mature just to have those parmesan fries. Yummm.

    I second Sarah, I need to move to Australia too!

  2. While. Easter was wonderful, it is times like this Pop and I really miss our Sydney family, and feel sad at not being able to join you in your festivities….maybe next year? Xxxxx

  3. It sounds like you had a FABULOUS Easter! I love Easter as well. On Sunday I went to church with my family and then we all got together and celebrated with an Easter feast. I love spending time with my family! It’s my favorite. Have a great day hon!

    • I did! aw, disappointed that I didn’t get to church though to be honest, an Easter service always adds so much and reminds you what Easter is all about. Thanks lovely, glad you had an amazing Easter with the family!

  4. Jesse and Tom share a birthday – and what a weekend you had!!

    I totally feel for you with those goodbyes – they’re the worst. I’m the annoying, crys at the drop of the hat, emotional wreck kinda gal whenever I have to leave my family or Jesse’s family so my family now know you kind of have to do goodbyes like ripping off a bandaid – fast and swift ;P

    My favourite Easter goodies were hot cross buns – but this year it was chocolate brownies with chocolate cream cheese – yummmmmmmmmmm.

    • Wait, is Jesse’s birthday the 3rd of April (as in today)? Because that’s my birthday, Tom’s is in July!
      So happy birthday to Jesse if that is the case! It’s a horrendous, rainy day outside; but it’s easy enough to have an awesome day when it’s your birthday, torrential rain or not. 🙂

      Oh my gosh, the good byes… the worst! Get me every time. For us though, it wasn’t too bad, as he’s coming to my Uncle’s wedding in a couple of weeks in Adelaide (where all my family lives, and where I lived too) So I can definitely wait till then reasonably… 😉 hehe.
      It’s funny how guys are so good at the whole “yep, goodbye, love you, see you soon” kind of thing, which is good because us girls need it hahah.

      Oh my gosh, I bought that chocolate philly after reading about it on your blog.. and it changed my life! 33% dairy milk, yes please! 😀

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