Embarrassing Kloe Strikes Again at the Gym & Some Exciting News.

Hello, hello! 🙂

How are we all on this fiiiiine Tuesday? Hope everyone is looking forward to the Easter long weekend coming up, I know I am! I’ve got so many exciting things planned, this week couldn’t fly by quickly enough. It’s going way too slow for my liking, and I don’t approve. (proceeds to throw a very mature tantrum)

Now, there’s a little something that happened on the weekend that I may have conveniently “forgot” to tell you guys about… mainly because it’s incredibly humiliating and I have yet to recover my dignity. BUT, I got over myself and put you guys first, thinking that it’s too damn hilarious to share… even if I’m the butt of the joke (thank me later). 😛

On Sunday morning, Mum thought it would be cute to go to some aqua class together (me being an injured cripple and all); she was suggesting it totally to be gorgeous and caring, which I completely appreciate- don’t get me wrong. So off we went, towels in hand.
When we got there, we realised we were literally the only people under the age of about, say, 70 in the pool. Disconcerting to say the least… but hey, in we got anyway, sticking out like a sore thumb and all. Now picture this: it’s me and mum, surrounded by about 20 other ladies in their floral little swimmers and swimming caps, awkwardly attempting to run around the pool, me almost getting sucked into the whirlpool being created in the middle (it was like a freakin’ black hole!)
When I finally emerge from under the water, having just avoided imminent death and still recovering from that, the instructor calls me to the side and tells me to get my hair out of the water, for hygiene issues. Then proceeds to ask if I’m new, probably highly amused by my noob performance and almost dying. Keep in mind she’s one of those patronising instructors that is smiling like a maniac, and talks to everyone like they’re 3 year olds building a sandcastle or something… yeah, fun times.
So now I’m being judged by not only this crazy instructor, but all the oldies, giving me this “who does she think she is” look, as I continue to almost drown while doing the aerobics moves.
I mean, how can you blame me- we’re all there attempting to do crunches and bicep curls in the pool? Is this seriously a thing? Is this a joke?!
Anyway, needless to say, as soon as the last Celine Dion remix came to the end, I scurried off to the change rooms as quickly as possible. My god, never again, I don’t know what Mum and I were thinking! I’ll stick to pool running and lap swimming, thanks 😉 Hey, you live and you learn. Sometimes in the most embarrassing, dignity-and-soul-crushing ways, it’s okay. There there.

However, speaking of being an injured cripple, I finally got my MRI results in the mail today!
And I’m extremely happy to announce, there was only good news- apparently, there’s no second stress fracture (phew!), it’s just a bit of residual pain from my old one from last year.
Words cannot explain how relieved and happy I was, tears of joy definitely weren’t far off! 😀

Me posing ecstatically with my report. Yay!


Me posing ecstatically with my report. Yay! 🙂

The doctor said it’s okay for me to start up my running again slowly, but to be honest, I’m a tad cautious as there is no way I’m putting myself at risk for dealing with any other injuries in the future.
This time, I’m doing this right, and coming back stronger than ever!
That means that I’m going to keep on swimming for probably another 2 or so weeks, just to be extra safe, and then incorporate some Body Pump and spin classes again (can’t wait to have those babies back in my life!), and then hopefully gradually start running and getting back into Body Attack, so I can maybe start instructing this year!
But, of course, the main thing is going to be listening to my body, and taking it real slow.
The first thing I do before seriously getting back into running training, is to join a running club and get proper coaching. This way, I can’t go wrong! And plus, I’ve heard from so many people that it’s an awesome, fun experience and it’s a must-do, so I’m sold. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my little update post for the day, hope you’re all enjoying your week.

Countdown til Easter begins! 😉

Kloe x


4 responses to “Embarrassing Kloe Strikes Again at the Gym & Some Exciting News.

  1. Aw congratulations on the no second stress fracture! That’s really exciting and you’ll be back to normal before you know it! And yayyy for getting back to running!

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