Swim Squad, a Great Swimming Workout & my Sexy Goggle Face.

How was everyone’s Sunday?
Mine was pretty lazy, actually… and because of that reason, it was awesome. Naturally. 😉

I had to drag my butt out of bed to pick up a few things from the shops. Let me just start by warning you that I’m a terrible shopper- I can’t just head out for one item, buy it, and beeline home again. Well, I can certainly have the intention to, but as soon as I get there I catch glimpses of cute/cool/quirky/probably shiny things that just make me go, “oooh, gotta look at that!”
And by this stage, there’s no hope for me; I’ll come home with said item if I’m lucky, and a billion other bags.
Point being, I just wanted to share with you guys some awesome stuff I got lured in by today:


We all know about my ridiculous obsession with big, fluffy jumpers… and this cosy number was no exception.
Look at it, JUST LOOK at it. I could easily and very happily live in this thing, and would feel like a big cuddly polar bear all winter. Rawr. 🙂
This is from Lorna Jane, which is usually my go-to shop for cute workout gear; but this one definitely caught my attention… even though I don’t think I’d be hitting the gym in it!


These are unreal, and you need them in your life right now. Promise me you’ll buy some tomorrow?
That is all.


Stumbled upon this little slice of pure happiness in Kikki.K, the Swedish stationary shop. How amazing is this quote?! It really makes you realise that simply being alive, being able to do things we love and spend time with people we love, is really a reason to be ecstatic all day err’day. Naw! (cue warm and fuzzies) 🙂


Another Lorna Jane gem. I’d be the coolest kid at uni if I whipped this bad boy out on my break, complete with a juice box and a PB&J sammy. Don’t pretend like you all don’t want to be friends with me 😉
People wouldn’t be sitting with be because they’d all be secretly intimidated by my radiating cool kid allure. True story.


For the past few weeks, due to injury, I’ve had to take all my workouts to the pool- which initially scared the shiz out of me, because I know full well that my graceful, lithe swimming skills were a tad rusty… as in, never existed. (insert complete freak out)
Especially after my awkward swimming experience, in which I resembled tipsy sea lion of sorts (wow, that was an incredibly specific description), I was even more put off and embarrassed.
However, I’ve finally found my groove, and can safely say I’m maybe, kinda enjoying the pool running intervals and a few laps here and there, even though my technique isn’t perfect!

I was doing a bit of casual googling to find a good structured workout to implement in the pool, so I don’t just rock up and have to improvise. This is what I miss and love about group fitness classes; you’ve got someone telling you (or possibly yelling at you over-enthusiastically) what to do, and it’s proven to work and be an awesome workout!

Here’s one I found, which was created by Kathleen Alleaume: a well-known exercise and nutrition scientist and founder of The Right Balance.

Swimming Interval Training:

1. To warm up, swim 2 laps of the pool in freestyle.

2. Swim 1/2 a lap while picking up the pace, stop and tread water for 30-60 seconds, and complete the lap with a fast pace.

3. Swim one whole, unbroken lap at a fast pace.

4. Rest at the shallow end for a minute, and complete the cycle.

Kathleen suggests using a variety of strokes, and constantly mixing it up with every cycle, to keep those muscles guessing, and promote all-over conditioning/toning.
She says that it’s best to start out at 20 mins, 2-3 times per week, building up to 30 mins, 2-3 times per week. I’m assuming that’s for a beginner though, because I already do about 45 mins- 1 hour in the pool now, alternating between laps and pool running.

Sounds like a pretty good one, so I might give this a go tomorrow!

I was actually also thinking of joining the swim squad that’s being started by the Triathlon Club at my uni. They already do lots of running and cycling training sessions everyday of the week, but just now they’re bringing in the swimming!
I think it would be a great opportunity to actually learn how to swim properly instead of flailing/semi-drowning, and it’ll be awesome cross-training.
Then later, I can get stuck into the running and cycling too!
Totes going to do a triathlon, guys 😉 IRON WOMAN.

I’ll leave you with my sexy goggle face post-swim. I look like I’ve been punched in the face, ya know, no biggie:


And to make matters worse, I’ve got the whole smeared mascara thing going on. Lookin’ good Kloe, lookin’ good. I’m all class.
One at a time, boys. 😉

What kind of shopper are you? Are you as hopeless as me?
Have you ever done a triathlon, or been part of a swimming squad/club?
What’s your favourite workout gear brand?

Night lovelies, gotta get some beauty sleep before the start to another uni week tomorrow.
Oh dear.

Kloe x


10 responses to “Swim Squad, a Great Swimming Workout & my Sexy Goggle Face.

  1. Are you thinking of doing a triathlon? I used to do them all the time but haven’t done one in about 6 years, they’re lots of fun though and a great training goal!

    Thanks for sharing that quote! I’m definitely feeling that way today, life is good!

    Oh, and super sexy swim goggle face for sure 🙂

    • I’m definitely considering it! maybe not a full triathlon but a half or something!
      it would be so much fun, especially now I’m finding a love for swimming and cycling too 🙂

      oh how did you train for a triathlon/ what are all the distances?!

      • I’ve done the olympic distance (1k swim, 40k bike, 10k run) as well as lots of half-distances which can be as short as 400m swim/20k bike/5 k run. When I was training I did a lot of cycling and running because those were my weaker points but I think I was still swimming 3x/week focusing on building endurance. You can find lots of good training plans online! I’m thinking of starting to train again, but I just don’t know if I’m ready to make the commitment!

        It’s a lot of work seeing as how you have to train for 3 sports instead of 1!! But it’s totally worth it when you finish, an awesome accomplishment!

      • oh wow what amazing achievements, the Olympic distance would be such a challenge but so worth it!
        I’d love to start off with the Half to get a good feel for it, I mean I love my running, but that’s the bright side of having an injury for a bit- you get to find other things you enjoy too 🙂

        you’re right, big commitment, especially if you’re busy with uni, work, etc;
        but the feeling of crossing the finish line in a race makes it so worthwhile!

  2. Love it. Especially the Lorna Jane obsession. I’m right there with yo on the bandwagon. Swimming is evil – that’s the problem. Seriously though, best of luck with the triathlon club!

    • hahah glad I’m not the only one blowing all my money on impossibly cute workout stuff!
      I’m trying to convince myself swimming is even a quarter as good as running, because I’ve got to get used to it, may as well throw myself right in there! 🙂

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