NEDA Week.

I’m a little bit late, but last week was National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and I found this out by all the fantastic blogs I read.
I think that this is such an important initiative, as there are so many people suffering in the world from an eating disorder and last week was a chance for everyone to focus on that, be reminded of it and branch out in any way they can to help.
Eating disorders are something that are so often associated with stigmas and judgement, purely because they can be so misunderstood and society just isn’t educated enough about them. NEDA Week is raising awareness and providing that information that is so needed, and starting to open up some really healthy and necessary dialogue about such disorders.



All over the blog world, I saw so many participate in the “My Body Doesn’t Make Me Beautiful” challenge; which encourages us to all look at the things that make us the person we are, without concentrating on anything to do with our bodies or appearance.
In other words, it’s a chance to really think about all those traits and qualities that we have that make us unique and an amazing person! 🙂

I thought this was a brilliant exercise in learning to love ourselves for who we are; for our qualities, our little quirks, our achievements… which are all infinitely more important than how our body looks. Our weight is purely a number on the scale, representing our relationship with gravity… what it doesn’t accurately show is your compassion, your love for others, your happiness, your accomplishments, your loyalty. Those are things to truly be proud of!

So, in the light of NEDA Week, I thought it would be awesome and interesting to give this little exercise a go, and see what I come up with when I really think about myself as a person, and what I think are my best qualities and characteristics.

Here we go!



  • Loyalty: I’m probably one of the most loyal people I know, and I just have so, so much love for those in my life that are most important to me. I’m willing to stick beside my loved ones through anything, and believe that love and friendship is really the most amazing and important thing, and can conquer everything. I make sure that I’m there whenever a friend or loved one needs me, and I try to support them or help out in any way I can. Sometimes, I make myself a bit vulnerable by being to loyal because I can get hurt when I don’t get the same loyalty in return! I think that love for those cherished people in your life should be unconditional. 🙂 
  • Determined & Passionate: I know that I’m extremely determined, and when it comes to something I want to achieve or a goal I want to accomplish, I will stop at nothing to get there. I’m a passionate person, and know exactly what I want from life (well, in terms of all the big, important stuff!) I’m someone who aims pretty high and always have stars I’m reaching for, and I’m always working my butt off to get there, day in and day out. What keeps me so motivated to do the best I can each day is picturing how proud and amazing it will feel, and how life will be, when I finally reach that goal I’m fighting for. It’s pretty hard to stop this girl once she knows what she wants! 😉 haha.
  • Compassionate: If someone I love is hurting, you can be sure that I’m feeling it too. When someone that I’m close to is going through a challenging time, or has been hurt by someone or something, all I want to do is take that pain away and just be there by their side, support them and comfort them in any way I can; because I just can’t bear to see them unhappy or struggling. I just want to bundle them up and cuddle them, and make them multiple bowls of chicken soup and cake! 😛
    I’m especially compassionate when someone is going through something I’ve personally been through before, and it’s so instinctive for me just to protect them, and tell them that everything is going to be okay. I guess you could call me a bit of a mama bear in this case, but I’m just so in tune with the suffering of others and want to help to alleviate it all the time, even though I know this is a bit impractical!
  • Inquisitive & Curious: I absolutely love learning new things, and am definitely a self-confessed research nerd. I’m always taking opportunities to learn something new or interesting, and have actually always liked having school or uni in my life because I’m learning and growing everyday… this isn’t to say I don’t love my holidays where I don’t use my brain, too! I like to read, and I like the challenge of assessments. I believe that a good education is so, so important.So there we go, that was my attempt at the NEDA Week challenge!
    What qualities do you love and appreciate about yourself? How about you take a few minutes to have a bit of a think, and maybe even write them down.
    And I don’t want to hear any of this “but I don’t have anyyyy!” business, because that’s not true! Everybody has amazing things about them that make them who they are and set them apart from everyone else.

    Celebrate all that makes you, you, and realise that your personality, your heart and your qualities are infinitely more important than any number on a scale, or your body.

    And remember this: Your body is merely a house for your soul. 🙂

    Love always,

    Kloe x


7 responses to “NEDA Week.

  1. This is one of your best blogs; when I read this I see the journalist in you, but do understand that you have other passions. You have described yourself so well and I see the family traits coming out. We have all been brought up to be fiercely loyal to family and friends, to show compassion and to be empathetic to those who are hurting or who have less than we do. I certainly hope I do that. Xxxxx

  2. I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to share these things with others. It allows us to learn from other peoples’ experiences. I don’t celebrate my good traits often enough. This is a great idea!

    • I agree! this kind of thing shouldn’t just be limited to weeks like this.
      I’m so bad at recognizing my good traits! I’ll usually just be like “oh no I’m not!” or something; but I think we really need to own them! 🙂

  3. I think the “My Body Doesn’t Make Me Beautiful” challenge is amazing, and should be something we ask ourselves not only during NEDA week! I’m the same with you in terms of compassion…if a friend or family member is upset or feeling strong emotions about something, I pick up on it and begin to feel those emotions, too. While it is a wonderful quality, there needs to be a balance of compassion vs. becoming bogged down in others’ emotions.

  4. Hi Kloe, not sure why but your blog hasn’t been showing up on my blog feed, so I missed this one. Both a close family member and a high school friend of mine suffered from serious and life threatening eating disorders so it is great that there is a week where these are recognised. Love what you wrote about yourself too:)

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