Injury Diagnosis Update, Yummy Eats & Kara Goucher: My Hero.

Hi there my fave people,

Long time no speak! Well, a total of one whole day; which totally makes me come across as really needy and obsessive… but we all know that my blog is my baby, let’s be honest here. πŸ™‚
Hope you’ve all been well and had a good few days.

Yesterday I had uni (again, lame, I know..) and I had this awkward moment where in our tute we had to chat to someone and then introduce them to the class. The gorgeous Ally, bless her, decided to tell everyone that I basically really wasn’t feeling Journalism, and was jumping out of my skin waiting to transfer at the first possible chance over to Nutrition and Dietetics.
The tutor then said, “Oh, so you can do some writing about health and nutrition; be a journalist specialising in that area!”
She was this really adorable, old Irish lady; and I then had to awkwardly say back, “Um, no… nothing… to do with… writing, really…” Silence ensued, followed by laughter from the whole class. Excluding said cute Irish lady- I think she was a tad confused/in a state of shock that someone might not be head over heels in love with Journalism. Sorry, my bad!
So, let’s bring on that credit average so I can transfer! Which I’ll have to now, considering I can’t show my face around that uni anymore! Thanks Ally, call yourself a best friend?! Ha, I kid. πŸ˜›


So as you may know, I was told I had a stress fracture last week, which I’d finally come to terms with and accepted, and I’ve been totally rippin’ up the pool and weights room.
I went to the orthopaedic surgeon last night, and he basically told me that he doesn’t even think it’s a stress fracture (sayΒ whaaaat?!)Β He’s convinced it’s much more likely to be a case of a tendon pulling on the bone, and being inflamed.
I had no idea what to think, as I’ve been under the impression I’ve been dealing with some freak femoral stress fracture since last May; and now this! But, this guy is literally in his mid 50’s, and is the go-to guy in the field- he knows his stuff, and has probably seen a bajillion (and one) cases of both conditions. I have to get an MRI next week to know for sure conclusively, but in a nutshell his feedback was:

  • He’s really not concerned, it’s nothing sinister
  • It’s probably not a stress fracture (please please let this be true!)
  • Apparently it’s not to do with biomechanics, and to prove this he referenced some famous runner who (in his words) runs like a pregnant penguin (touche, touche.. albeit an interesting description?!)
  • Keep up the swimming and tell Michael Phelps to watch his back.
  • He thinks it was likely caused by increasing my training too much
  • The other condition will heal faster than a stress fracture

    So that’s that, and I’m crossing my fingers and toes and anything else that is physically possible that it’s this weird tendon thingo that I’ve never head of! (It’s got a really long scientific name that made my head hurt and I can’t remember it..)
    Wish me luck! πŸ™‚


    I’ve had some pretty amazing eats over the last few days, and because I’m such a compassionate, selfless and generous blogger,who loves to share my food with you (read: make you insanely jealous) I thought I’d hit you with some fantastic piccies!


    Best way to start the day: big brekkie & coffee with the family! This was amazing. Ate everything, no problemo πŸ˜‰


    One of my most favourite people, my little brother Wil. I die, this is too cute! He’s learning to be classy and sip his cappuccinos (…okay, babycinos) young πŸ˜‰ Mum & I are amazing influences, clearly.


    I went shopping today for an outfit to wear toΒ twoΒ events I’ve got coming up (yes, I’m a tad cheapskate and will use any opportunity to recycle an outfit)

  • This was my lunch set-up in the food court: an awesome turkey, cottage cheese and salad sandwich, and my hero and inspiration, Kara Goucher. I borrowed this book today, like the nerd I am, and hope it’s amazing and gives me some good tips. Will do a review after!

    Now over to you guys:

    What’s your all-time favourite cafe brekfast?
    Have you read any fantastic running books you just couldn’t put down?

    Who’s your athlete/fitness/sport idol?

    Love, Kloe πŸ™‚ x


13 responses to “Injury Diagnosis Update, Yummy Eats & Kara Goucher: My Hero.

  1. My favourite athlete is you, your persistence is admirable, but you must take care of yourself so you can reach your goals…..go girl Nan xx

    • thanks nan, that’s so lovely!!
      I’m dragging my sorry butt to the pool tonight even though it’s cold 😦
      if that’s not dedication and persistence, I don’t know what is!


  2. Hi Kloe, haven’t read any great running books but I loved The Secret Race:) I’m not a breakfast out sort of person (as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my oats!), but would choose a veggie omelet πŸ™‚ Your little brother is super cute. Sounds like you are seeing the right person for your hard to diagnose “stress fracture”.

    • oh what’s the secret race about?! I’m seriously desperate for some good reads, mainly to avoid uni readings πŸ˜‰

      oats are probably the greatest food ever invented, hands down! so I can empathize with you there. not many cafes can do good oats!

  3. You need to be careful when you return to running. Even if this isn’t a stress fracture, the fact that it was caused by an overly aggressive increase in training is disconcerting. Considering the fact that you could have built your mileage more slowly and could have still been running now and probably without pain, would you go back and change how you did things? I certainly hope so. Also, properly stretching after your runs will help with tendons pulling on the bone (because it’s a tight muscle that will make the tendon taut in the first place). Be careful!

    • oh my gosh, yes I’d change things completely! I’m a relatively new runner and I’ve never been really taught how to train and I recognize that was my mistake.
      I’ve promised myself I won’t even start running again unless I’ve had a professional or an expert/running coach help me out with a training plan.
      it may have been a stretching problem as well, I do stretch but there have been a few runs where I may have been pressed for time.
      I’m not sure if it’s safe to be doing some gentle stretching and yoga now to help…

  4. I was looking through the Kara goucher book the other day trying to decide if it was worth it, definitely let us know what you think! And ill cross my fingers that it isn’t a stress fracture for you!

    • thanks so much lovely! it most likely isn’t, so all should be good πŸ™‚

      so far it’s quite good! it’s nice reading a running book written by such an amazing woman in the sport, as she gives really good personal insight and advice.
      will keep you posted on it!

  5. You are BRAVE for switching majors. That’s something I wish I had done early on. Nutrition is something I’m passionate about, not chemistry. We don’t have that at my school unfortunately though. I agree with Chels- be careful when you head back to running. Overtraining is no joke. Although from talking to you you seem to be doing this the smart way πŸ™‚

    • I just figured, I may as well switch as quickly as I can now I’ve decided what I’m passionate about!
      I’m sure I’ll be doing a heck load of chemistry in my course anyway haha, woo exams…
      totally agree with you guys; but the weird thing is, the first time I did it last year was because I did a race without proper training.. bad idea, but since then, I literally run like 10K a week and that’s it! so I guess I was surprised it came up again, considering 10K a wee isn’t exactly overdoing it :/ scary stuff!

  6. when I had my stress fracture it took over a month to diagnose. every doctor told me something else, including a doctor that said it was just a torn muscle aka I did PT for a week only to learn it was not that.

    • yep, I’ve sadly and frustratingly had this experience before as well. last year it happened, I was told by a physio it was just DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness)! I was soo disgusted by how dismissive some professionals were. I’m honestly so cynical and careful about physios/doctors or any kind now! hence why I’m convinced it’s the worse case scenario 😦

  7. Ok, well, it looks like it’s not a stress fracture, so THAT is definitely good! I mean, it sucks no matter what if you’re in pain and your training is derailed, but if this can heal a lot faster, then that’s awesome!! Just keep up what you’re doing, it sounds like it’s the right course for you πŸ™‚

    You’re switching majors!! YAY!! Ignore the scary old Irish lady. (Though, I’m kind of intrigued about using my potential health degree & journalism background to write specifically about health) Honestly, there are so many new doors opened with health & nutrition, and you’re passionate about it. So do it up!! And enjoy it πŸ™‚

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