So many Goodies in the Mail & A Spin Instructors’ Pick up Line.

Hey wonderful people!

So we’re only two days into the week, and today was my second torturous day at uni… Could this week go any slower?! I swear  it’s really just trying to test my patience. And it wins. I admit defeat. Happy now, craptastically slow week? Yeah I bet you are, all cocky over there. /sigh. 😦

Moving on from my extremely pessimistic rant, I promise there’s lots of exciting and hilarious stories to tell about my day in this post! Apart from being a uni day, it’s also been an extremely eventful and crazy day, to say the least.
Let’s get stuck right into it, get ready to laugh, cry, cringe, get excited.. you name it, it’s there!

First up, I embarrassed myself immensely in front of the delivery guy this morning. He was putting something in someone’s letter box, and I thought I’d sneakily have a quick dig through all the packages to see if there was one for me, because I’m waiting for a few awesome deliveries (you’ll find out soon enough, young grasshopper 😉 ) He then turned around, to find me virtually ass up, head down in the trolley; I then had to explain that no, I was not stealing some unsuspecting victims’ parcel, I was in fact waiting for some. After he gave me a concerned look and shook his head as if to say, “kids these days,” he said there was nothing there for me.
Determined as I was to track down these mysteriously disappearing packages of mine, I headed down to the local post office, and lo and behold- they’d been camping out there for almost a week, apparently! Sneaky packages, ain’t getting away with that.
I was literally like a kid at Christmas as the lady gave me not one, but two, lovely pressies!
She must have thought I was about four years old. I’m okay with that, because if she knew what I’d gotten, she’d be pumped for me too. #wishfulthinking?

Check out all the goodies I got:


This me pretty much swimming in all the amazing protein bars that Quest Nutrition sent me over from America, I was actually considering wearing floaties there were that many (13!)
I’ve got to tell you guys, some of these flavours are out of this world! For example: anyone up for a peanut butter and jelly bar? Maybe a banana nut muffin one? Cinnamon bun? Coconut cashew? Or maybe you’re feeling more like a bit of berry bliss?
I was in heaven. I cannot wait to dig into these bad boys! I’ll probably be having one everyday, then I’ll write up a review for them, and just how fab they were. 🙂
And you may have noticed I’m also just having a casual snuggle with my new foam roller, which hey let’s get real, is better than being a cat lady with a billion cats.
I was able to snag online for a really cheap price, and have heard amazing things about foam rollers, for example: “they hurt so good!”, “they’ll change your life!”, “I barely ever get injured anymore!” (ahem, Kloe..), and the most alarming: “My boyfriend gets really jealous about how much time I spend with mine!”
This can only be a good thing! I’m only going to start using it when my leg can take it, so I’ll talk to my sports doc about it.
Can’t wait though. 😀


The most hilarious, awkward thing happened at my spin class tonight.
Some of you may remember that time, a few weeks ago, when I went to a spin class and left halfway through in a huff, 1) because the guy was singling me out and being a bit of a douche (later to find out this was flirting?!)  and 2) I really wasn’t keen on the way he taught his class. So off I went, nose in the air. Yeah yeah, snobby future group fitness instructor, wanting it my way. #sorrynotsorry 😉

Anyway, I went along tonight, forgetting that he was teaching this class. He came in and asked if I was still upset at him, to which I replied a prompt, “no, of course not!” (just get on with the bloody class, I can’t leave twice in a row, dammit!)
After the class, as I went to leave, he came up to me and started up a conversation about how I was training to be a group fitness instructor, which escalated pretty quickly.
Followed by, “are you at uni?”
“Which one? Which year?”
“Do you go out at night?”
“What are you doing tomorrow night?”
I was a bit flustered with just how forward he was. He’s Slovakian, he told me, so I’m not really sure, maybe they do things a little differently over there?!
To that, I quickly murmured something along the lines of: “I’m seeing my sports doctor, I’ve got a cracked femur. Kbye.” and awkwardly limped/shuffled off into the distance.
Smooth Kloe, so smooth. At least I know he won’t be asking me out again! 😉
Oh the gym, an endless source of entertainment, I swear!


On a last note, you know how I’ve been really wanting to get into yoga while I’m injured in my down time from running?
It must be fate! I picked up these brochures at Lululemon the other day (yes, I was in there browsing pretending I could buy everything in there again… Sue me.) 😛


Such great deals, how can I pass these up?!
And yes, if you must know, that is Girls playing in the background and I’m officially obsessed. 🙂
If you haven’t watched it already, what are you doing with your life? Go Go Go!

What’s the funniest experience you’ve had at your gym?
What’s your favourite type of yoga?
Are you a loyal foam roller, and how and when do you use your baby?
Favourite Quest bar flavour?

Goodnight lovelies!

Kloe x


6 responses to “So many Goodies in the Mail & A Spin Instructors’ Pick up Line.

  1. Hahahha you are a trip! I love that you turned him down and walked out the door, although I would have been so excited I probably would have fallen off a bike or tripped over my shoes or something. And the packages- oh man you really had me laughing at this post. I could see myself doing the same thing!

    • hahaha all class and grace there Sarah!
      it’s okay, he wouldn’t have wanted to go out with any of us after that.. womp womp.
      he was bald and like 30 anyway 😛
      thanks, glad you can relate to my general weirdness and awkwardness!

  2. I do like quest bars a lot and being diabetic they are one of the few less sugared bars that don’t make me sick. Anyways-I am pretty sure I’ve done similar things with my mailman so don’t feel too bad. Glad the bars came though!

    Also-I’m the ephiphany of socially awkward…When men hit on me, I never really know what to do so I just awkwardly stand there or try and run away. Neither normally ends that well LOL.

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