My Awkward Swimming Experience & Winter Must Have Discovery.

It’s the weekend! Can I hear a woo hoo?!

Except that it’s totally dreary and depressing in Sydney, and is absolutely pouring rain! If that’s not an awesome start to Autumn, and a sneak preview into the potentially crappy seasons ahead, I don’t know what is. Sydney sure knows how to make us keen for Winter!

Because of said weather, I decided the only logical thing to do would be to sleep in… majorly. Rain is the ultimate free pass to stay in bed as long as you want, and forget about all commitments, and just be generally lazy, right? Yep, thought so. It also means it’s socially acceptable to wear your mismatched, sad excuse for pyjamas outfit, and maybe even match them with some knee-high wool socks… just because you can.
Anyway, there was no way me and my bed were parting ways any time before 10.30… but I eventually rolled out of bed, and had to bid farewell to my one and only lover, and head over to the pool for a swim.
I had to walk about a kilometre to the pool in the rain, and the whole way could barely see 1 metre in front of my face. I was having a bit of an internal rant in my head about how wet and cold I was getting, until I realised I was about to jump into a body of water in about 5 minutes anyway… and then had a bit of a chuckle at my stupidity.

My swimming experience was interesting, and slightly embarrassing. First let me say that I haven’t swam properly, as in doing laps, for about, ooooh… 8 years or so? Clearly that’s a fabulous start.
Basically, I was flailing around awkwardly for half an hour, up and down the pool, with my goggles constantly falling off in all possible directions except any where near my eyes…
I can only imagine what the lifeguard was thinking, and was probably tossing up for a good 20 minutes whether I needed rescuing or not.
Despite looking like an octopus on drugs, I actually felt like I got a decent workout. I did a few intervals of deep water running too, and found I was even able to get my heartrate up!
I don’t think swimming is my number one choice for cross training for the next 8 weeks, but hey, it’s worth just giving it more of a chance anyway because it’s so good for you and there’s no impact on your bones 🙂


After my swim, I walked home again in the rain (not even caring because I already had the incredibly suss wet patches going on anyway), and headed over to Bondi Junction mall with my girl, Ally. (but if you ever see her, call her Al-Dog, as this is now her new name… and I may change it legally for her one day when she’s not looking) 😉

Our weekly Saturday date involves strolling around the mall, pretending we can afford all the amazing stuff we see, seeing if we can score any taste testers or freebies (that’s when we know it’s a successful day), and finally stop being cheapskates for 10 minutes and fork out $3.50 for a coffee. Saturday well spent? I think so. 🙂

Today I found the ultimate Winter accessory, and you all must buy it in order to have an awesome, bearable winter! This is an order, and I hope you take this very seriously… #attemptataseriousface.

I know I’m pretty threatening and intimidating, and have totally scared you all into needing to buy this beanie.

Check out this bad boy:


So many Lululemon sports bras, so little time:

IMG_0937 IMG_0938


And I was this close to coming home with one of these adorable cavoodles, and suspiciously smuggling it illegally back to my apartment:


Oh my god, I die. Is this not the cutest thing you have ever laid eyes on?!
If anyone shouts me one of these babies, I’d be your best friend forever and buy you… a chocolate bar in return. Or a jar of peanut butter. Please and thankyou! (it’s actually a pretty good deal, I’d be surprised if you guys didn’t jump at this chance…)

The first thing I buy when I move into my new apartment will be a puppy, I’ve decided! Either a cavoodle or a pugalier.
And yes, if you’re wondering, I meant that literally- before I buy furniture or anything.
So it’ll just be me cuddling my new best buddy in an empty apartment.
Who needs a bed or a fridge? Food? Pfft, get your priorities straight people! 😉

Who’s a swimmer here? What do you love about the sport?
Do you window shop a lot, or do you always spend too much money at the mall, no matter how hard you try?
Who’s a proud puppy owner, what breed is it?

Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday and keeping drier than I’ve been today! #fail

Kloe x



18 responses to “My Awkward Swimming Experience & Winter Must Have Discovery.

  1. Hi Kloe, this rain sure has been incessant – I also lazed around in my PJs for a change and then did some yoga and now that it has stopped for a few minutes, taken the dog – a German Shepherd – for a walk. Those puppies in the window are cute but don’t support them if ever you want a pup rather go straight to a registered breeder:) Loved your description of swimming, hilarious!

    • Hey Robyn,
      sounds like a really good Saturday!
      my friends has a gorgeous German Shepard, I do love that breed too, but I’m sure they’d need a whole lot of exercise and big backyard.
      I completely agree about going to a registered breeder for a puppy, that’s where we got two from back when I was 5, unfortunately they’re not with us anymore though.

      hahha not sure if I’ll keep up the swimming! might stick to cycling 😉

    • haha it’s all about the technique which I can’t seem to master! but hey, with practice!
      what did you do to cross train while sidelined?! 🙂

      the puppies will be mine. that is all I can say. 😉

      • no that’s completely understandable!
        and I respect you so much for your strength and determination with that, that would’ve been really challenging 🙂
        I’m in too minds too, but physically I’m not sure I could do nothing!
        swimming is so fine though and when I get in to my sports doc I want to ask him about it.
        anything for a speedy recovery!

  2. Awkward swimming… yep that’s me. The awkward swimmer for 15 years of my life. Not sorry. Also, I want everything at lululemon. My budget doesn’t, sadly.

    • hahah #sorrynotsorry
      I just CANNOT get the hang of the technique and breathing for the life of me!
      it’s so amazing how we don’t want to do anything but OUR sport; everything else so doesn’t come naturally and feels so out of comfort zone!

      oh you and me both about lululemon.. I feel ya. I want it all. 😦 it’s like the king of all workout clothing stores!

  3. Amazing. I hate swimming. Hate it. Water running is my only pool activity, and even that is a last resort (by the way, don;t worry too much about your heart rate in the pool – apparently it doesn’t go up very much at all, but you still get an equivalent workout – something to do with science…)

    It was so wet yesterday! Ick.

    • oh Kate saaaame, I was struggling to do even 2 consecutive laps as it was so tedious and I was so bored: no music or anything!

      really?? I was so worried I was just getting some really crappy workout 😦
      but if it’s equivalent that’s such a relief.
      when so you do pool running? how do you do it and so you have the floaty thing?!

  4. Oh why oh why do you get all the rain and we get none!!!! Love the stuff, have to talk pop into moving to Sydney…not only for the rain but for my Sydney family too!!!!! Xxx

  5. Keep swimming! Don’t let the rough start discourage you. I’ve always been a swimmer (was on a swim team in school and synchronized swim team). I stopped for most of my early 20’s and when I decided it was time to lose 100 pounds I picked swimming to do that. It had been about 8 years since I’d swum either! It was hard at first but after a few times it was like I’d never quit. 🙂

    • aw thankyou so so much for your encouragement Lisa, that is exactly what I need right now!
      I miss running more than ever but I know to heal my fracture I need to get into swimming the best I can.
      I was never in a swim team though!! so still might take a little bit of practice 😛
      oh wow, we’re you able to lose than 100 pounds? congrats for seeking a healthy balanced life style 🙂
      Is swimming as good a cardiovascular workout as running?

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