Numaste: Possible New Yogi Convert?!

Hey kids!

Friday’s are by far one of my favourite days of the week, even though when you’re a uni student pretty much each of the 4 days I’m not at uni feel like a Friday anyway!
Today I slept in till 9.30am, which was absolutely glorious; but also really weird for this jumping-out-of-bed-at-dawn girl. What’s with all this sleeping?! I’m thinking it’s probably my body making up for the severe lack of it all through February so far… oops, Sorry body, please don’t sue me. 😐

Today I had a lovely lunch date with one of my favourite chickas, Izzy. She’s just about to move to Sydney uni and leave me behind in the cold over at UTS, but we had a good ol’ chat and a bit of an iPhone research sesh, and we figured out that the course I want to change to in the middle of the year will be on the same campus as her!
I was instantly sold. It was enough to make me finally decide once and for all to make the switch.
I was already dreaming of future coffee and lunch dates between classes, just assuming we’d have the money to do that anyway, working our butts off in retail and all 😛
Izzy also recently did the Swisse Color Run, which is a 5K race where they, well to put it simply, just spray a whole heap of colourful paint or something all over you! So you end up finishing the run looking like you’ve just gone on some epic paintballing rampage… note to self for future involvement in this race, or to anyone else: maybe don’t wear your Lululemon hear! It’s times like these we shamelessly whip out the Target stuff, don’t act like you don’t have a sly stash. 😉

We both got the grilled veggie, pesto, hummus & feta sandwich (combination of my favourite things in the world.. well, top 10 anyway!) and it was to die for.
I’m a self-confessed sandwich addict, and I will eat at least an average of 2.46 sandwiches everyday. [Note: this statistic was calculated with advanced mathematical formulas]
I find it hilarious (or is it sad?!) that all my friends and family know to stop and look at me when they get their food, until I’ve taken a photo and given them the all clear to dig in. I think it’s safe to say I feel a bit mean…

IMG_0931 IMG_0925

I’m also a little bit obsessed with all the fabulous Chobani flavours I’ve got stocked up in le fridge at the moment! Looks like a bit fat creamy mess, but in reality, this is quite possibly the best thing you will ever eat. Chuck in a handful of frozen berries, and you’re good to go!

Tonight I decided I’d try and incorporate a bit of exercise back into my life, after taking 3 days off and doing nothing but the necessary walking of daily living… well, mainly this involved walking to the fridge to get myself some more calcium-rich dairy foods, imagining the molecules attaching to my femur and helping it heal. 🙂
Imagination is what will get me through, okay? No matter how much of a creeper I sound. Judge all you like. 😛

Anyway, this class was called Dynamic Flow Yoga, which is a class that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and really take on the poses, while challenging your strength, flexibility and stamina.
And let me tell you, this was spot on! Some of the poses left my legs shaking, and made me get my sweat mo’ on! Which is never an attractive look, ladies. Don’t try at home.
Something I really noticed was just how inflexible I am! That’s such a common thing with runners, especially in my hips, so it felt amazing to just get an all over body stretch. I was feelin’ the spaghetti legs after attempting the stairs!
I’ve always thought of yoga as more of a relaxing, rest day kind of activity that you do just to re-energise and rejuvenate yourself- that it’s not really a workout.
But boy, was I wrong! I actually felt like I was challenged tonight, and worked my muscles quite a bit!
I think I’ll try and do 2 classes a week, because they’re low impact so won’t hurt my leg during recovery, and I’m also getting stronger and more flexible which will make me a better runner in the end. 🙂

Future yogi? You wait, I can definitely see myself going all zen on you guys!

Hope you all had a lovely Friday, and you’re keen to get your party on this weekend. 😉

Kloe x


8 responses to “Numaste: Possible New Yogi Convert?!

  1. I love love love yoga and so glad you got to a class and enjoyed it! So good for those inflexible runners hips. All the best with your recovery, I’m sure all the calcium is helping.

  2. I loveeeeee yoga! It’s so funny how people see it as a lame workout when it can be incredibly intense – you really get to learn how strong your body is and how all of the different muscles work together.

    Take it easy though, lovely – and make sure you’re not exercising “just because” if it is pushing yourself too much.

    • definitely found a new love for yoga! I know, that’s what I love about it- you discover what your incredible body is capable of, and you feel a sense of achievement when you pull off those crazy poses!
      I think I’ll for sure make it a regular thing 🙂 great for flexibility and strength, and I with it got more credit.

      Oh don’t worry, I’ve made a promise to myself to only do some light yoga and swimming (zero impact!) until i see my orthopaedic surgeon on Wednesday and get a professional opinion- meaning no biking, elliptical.. nothing!
      this is a huge step for me, but I know that’s the mistake I made last time: jumping into quite vigorous cross training and probably it took much longer to heal than it needed to!

      My priority is a speedy recover and whatever it takes, I’m up for that 🙂

  3. Sounds like an intense yoga class! Glad you liked it. Your sammy picture looks delicious btw and I totally understand the need to take a photo of it before you dig in 🙂 have a great weekend!

  4. Yoga is my favorite!!!!!! I especially love the intense ones like power yoga. It just feels like such a great workout while still being relaxing. Maybe I’ll sneak into a class tonight…

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