Conquering Devastating News & Staying Positive.

Hey everyone,

Today I found out some really bad news… I was diagnosed with another femoral stress fracture, just above the one I had in May last year.
To say that I’m devastated and frustrated is an understatement, and this now means that I won’t be able to participate in the Nike She Runs event, I won’t be able to run for at least 8 weeks, and I’ll have to wait for next year to do the Body Attack program and become an instructor… and I had to postpone that last year as well due to my injury.

Right now, I’m obviously very emotional and and thinking thoughts like: “what if I never get to run again? What if I never get to become a group fitness instructor?” I feel a bit like all my passions have been ripped away from me, just like last time, and I’m going to have to go through that whole gruelling healing process again.
I know that negative thoughts are the last thing I need, and aren’t going to help my leg heal any faster. They’re just going to make me more upset, and stop me from doing all I can in my power to recover and dedicate all my efforts to preventing this in the future, and being able to do all those things I love again.

I really don’t want to make this a depressing, pathetic and sad post about my stress fracture sob-story; so I’m going to write a list of things that I can use this time off from running to achieve and reflect on.
I ultimately believe that it’s my attitude that will determine how I get through this, how quickly I get back in the game, and how what I get out of this as a learning experience.

So, here goes- my list of things I’ve learned, things I can improve on and focus on during this down time:

  • Last time I was injured, I let the bone heal, but I never really found out the true reason behind it- which obviously means it can happen again.
  • I’m going to make sure I go to a sports medicine doctor, who can analyse the way I run and look for any biomechanical problems, and a podiatrist/orthopaedic doctor to fit me with the right kind of shoes once and for all.
  • Get my diet checkout out by a sports dietician- maybe I’m not eating enough to fuel my body? Maybe I’m not getting enough of a certain nutrient, like calcium or vitamin D?! This info will be invaluable.
  • Through these experiences, I’ve truly realised who my genuine friends are, and how much they supported and encouraged me. They were always there to be a shoulder to cry on or my cheer squad, letting me know that they care and I’m not alone.
  • I’ve realised that I have fantastic people in my life- shout out to my Mum, my Nan, my best friend Ally, and my boyfriend Tom, who were my guardian angels last time I hurt my leg!
  • I’ve learned that I can get through this and live to tell the tale, and I can and will do it again. I’m a strong woman!
  • I’ve learned so much about how determined and passionate I am about my running and fitness… I’m willing to do everything I can to get healthy again and back to the things I love!
  • I’m going to use this time to work on my blog, spend lots of quality time with the people I love, and focus on all the other amazing things life has to offer apart from running and Body Attacking!
  • This might be a nice opportunity to really think about my future career and what I’m really passionate about, with no distractions.
  • Lucky I wrote this post last night about my new-found love for weight lifting, and how strong, accomplished and plain awesome it makes me feel! I can focus on improving this aspect of my fitness. 🙂
  • I’m also madly in love with spinning and cycling, so I can see this as an opportunity to really immerse myself in that and challenge myself there.
  • Do more yoga! This one gets me really excited, because I’ve just started and had a great time- I’ll be able to improve my muscle strength and flexibility while I’m waiting! Can only be a good thing.
  • Maybe I can give swimming a red hot go?! Who knows what you’ll find you really enjoy…
  • Find a new hobby or something that I enjoy doing, that isn’t related to fitness. I’d love to use my time now to write more, as I find it so relaxing as well as therapeutic.
  • Get my serious Masterchef skillz on! Now’s the chance to whip up absolute works of culinary art in the kitchen, watch out guys 😉
  • Think about how much more I’m going to appreciate running

Even just writing this post has made me feel much better and more optimistic about this healing journey ahead. It’s so discouraging feeling like I’d made progress, and then being thrown straight back to square one, but I truly do believe that every challenge and bump in the road throughout life teaches us something profound about life, or ourselves, that we would never have known otherwise.

This is a chance for me to show what kind of athlete, and person, I really am- I know I can be strong, determined and motivated enough to overcome this, and look back and be absolutely proud of how I was able to keep my chin up high.

I’m a big believer that whatever doesn’t kill us, will only make us stronger.
I’ll come out of this being stronger and smarter than ever about my training, and about myself…

It’s the challenging times that really change us for the better and make us who we are. 🙂

Wish me luck,

Kloe x

PS: I’ll be living vicariously through all you lovelies who are out there running your little hearts out! Have an awesome run for me, please and thankyou!



17 responses to “Conquering Devastating News & Staying Positive.

  1. I’m glad you’re taking this seriously. Having a stress fracture is no joke. I know you’re going to heal if you do it right and you’ll be back running like a banshee before you know it. Okay, 8 weeks isn’t exactly a short amount of time but it will give you a chance to reexamine your life and see what areas of it could use some adjusting to avoid it happening again! I think the dietician and the sports medicine doctor are really smart moves. And as always, you know you can email me or vent to me anytime! Family is always a good option as well although they tend to get sick of hearing about it from my own experience 🙂

  2. We are all there for you my darling girl, you are much stronger than you think, you have shown a very good outlook in this post. You know Pop and I are at the end of the phone. Nan xxxx

    • Thanks so much you two, as you read, you were some of my guardian angels last time that helped me get through; and I know you will be again this time around- which will also be the last time. and that’s a promise I’m making to myself!

      I should take this injury as a sign to really assess my training, my shoes, my running gait; and really get that one thing fixed that is obviously a problem. I’m sure once that’s all sorted, I’ll be able to run to my heart’s content (within reason) and get the half-marathon I’m dreaming of 🙂


  3. Oh no, what bad news – but good on you for taking it seriously and looking at the things that need to change in the future.

    I’m sure you’ll be just fine – and remember! You need down time too, everyone does! This injury is reminding you to take it easy sometimes,

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement and support Kristy,
      and you’re right, it’s just a sign from my body that something I’m doing needs to change; and I can see this as a blessing in disquise to correct some error in my training.
      My dream is to run a half-marathon, so I’m willing to do anything I can to make that happen, and this is my chance to really get myself ready; and maybe have some much-needed rest from the pounding!

      Thanks again 😀

  4. I’m sorry about the fracture 😦 but it sounds like you’re keeping a positive attitude about it and you have a lot of really wonderful things to focus in in the interim while you’re healing. Props to your family and friends too. You’ve got a great support system there. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

    • Melanie, I cannot thank you enough for these beautiful words!
      it means the world to me that I’ve got such amazing, encouraging people supporting me; I couldn’t do this without you all!
      fingers crossed I’m healed and back out there as quickly as possible 🙂 xx

  5. I am so sorry about this. two years ago I had a pelvic bone stress fracture. a huge part was diet and exercise so I would totally suggest speaking to someone who knows sports and knows this type of injury. I know this is hard but you can get through it, you know where to find me if you ever need anything!

  6. Oh that sucks indeed – its not the end of the world though, your legs still work 🙂 I already told u on twitter how I’ve been there before (mid 2011) and cannot vouch for swimming / deep water running enough!
    I’m not sure of your history as far as fitness/running goes, I’ve only just found you and your blog – but you’re young and there’s plenty of time to improve all these things you want! Take your time with the running, and before you know it, a half marathon will actually feel like a warmup!

    • Hey Jarrod,

      Thanks so much for these kind words! It’s amazing how many people have been through this in the running world out there, and you’ve all come back stronger than ever, achieving PRs and everything! So I just need to remember that that can be me soon.
      And you’re right, I’m only 19! I’ve got a whole life of running ahead of me, and it seems like these injuries are signs to me that I need to learn more about running and doing right in a sustainable way.

      Haha, will definitely have to suck it up and hop in the pool I’m thinking! I’ll look into getting one of those floatie things, as hilarious as I’m going to look!
      Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be back up out there. 🙂

      Will also check out your blog, haven’t seen it yet.

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