Marvellous in my Monday: #1

We all struggle just a little bit on Mondays… getting out of bed, and making yourself look relatively presentable for the day ahead just seems that much more difficult: “But, the weekend is five days away! Why bother looking pretty? Why bother actually showering? What is the point of life anymore?!”  ….and that escalated quickly.
Although this might only be me who spirals into a deep existential meltdown at the mere mention of the “start of yet another week”,

I think we all need to team up together, kick the whole “Monday sucks and life’s not worth living until Friday” thing to the kerb, and start a revolution focussed on feeling energised and positive on the very first day of the week!
I mean, maybe we can try and see it as a day to reflect on the week just passed, all the awesome things that happened that made our week, while also planning for an equally as fab week ahead!

The gorgeous Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats started up the genius idea of “Marvellous in my Monday”, where instead of wallowing in our own self-pity, we use Monday to talk about all the amazing things we’re grateful for, what we’ve achieved, other things we’re loving, even things that have made us smile and just love life.
I know, it’s completely foreign to actually be able to even forge a smile on a Monday sometimes, and you just want to chuck a hard object at anyone who’s all overly enthusiastic and chipper… but you can totally be that person! (but here’s hoping no one throws a chair or anything at you… blame me!) 🙂


  1. Marvellous is… uni holidays.
    Just having so much spare time to do all the things you love: start up a new hobby, get back into an old one you used to love, reconnect with old friends or even just being able to spend more time with them, grab a coffee and stroll around book stores or the shops, with no where you need to be…
    It’s coming to the end now, but I have to admit; it’s been pretty damn bliss. My favourite ways to spend my time have been going on cute lunch and coffee dates with friends and just chatting for hours, being able to really get into my blogging and meet some amazing fellow bloggers (holla!), read some books I’ve been meaning to stick my nose into, spend more time with my family who I don’t live with everyday.
    Another thing is this new-found love for baking I’ve discovered! I never used to bake in the midst of uni, and now I can dedicate a whole day to whipping up fabulous eats in the kitchen. It’s so therapeutic
    These are all the things that really fall by the wayside when you’re all caught up in the stress of assessments, due dates, readings; so it’s been incredible to regroup and revitalise myself, ready for the term ahead. 🙂
  2. Marvellous is… finding an awesome running race that you’re really pumped about.
    I got a surprise email in my inbox the other day about the Nike She Runs event, which was absolutely amazing last year, and I had a ball.
    This year, it’s a 10K, and it’s in May, so I’ve got the perfect amount of time to train smart and safely, being able to enjoy the journey without putting myself under too much pressure or hurting myself in the process.
    All us fellow runners know how challenging it is to train for something, but it’s that elating sense of achievement when you cross the finish line, and all those gruelling, early morning runs pay off just like that.
    You feel so strong and capable and like you can take on the world! Please note, though, this does not mean you can fly, and I wouldn’t advocate jumping off the room in a lycra outfit or anything, claiming you’re superwoman…
    Bring it on, ladies of Sydney! Let’s run the night! 😉
  3. Marvellous is… looking forward to a holiday you’ve been itching to go on for so long.
    All of last year, about 90% of the people I knew had been to or were currently in Europe, while I was just sitting all on my lonesome in Sydney, drowning my sorrows while hanging out with my best (and only at that time) mate, Ben & Jerry’s.
    I kept hearing about their fantastic adventures backpacking around Europe, the people they’d met, the beautiful, breathtaking cities they’d seen… it made me long even more to visit Europe!
    I’ve had this insane travel bug for a while now, always constantly bugging me, reminding me just how much I want to get out of Sydney for a bit and just see the world. There’s so much out there to be explored!
    I may be in luck, and might be going over for about 4 weeks at the end of the year, so like any good girl I’m saving up my ca$h and cannot wait!
    Fingers crossed all goes ahead and I’ll be jetsetting off to Europe, woo! 😀

    See? I feel way better about Monday already! Monday, I’m sorry I was ever so mean to you… you’re not as bad as people think you are, in fact, you’re kinda, sorta, Marvellous. 🙂

    Hope you all had/have/are having a fantastic Monday!
    If you’re struggling, remember to just take a breather, and think about all the things you’re grateful for, the little things in life you love, what you’re looking forward to… guarantee you it’s a keeper!

    Kloe x


7 responses to “Marvellous in my Monday: #1

  1. Mondayitis hits us all, I agree we should change it to marvellous Monday, smile at every one we meet, and marvel in all the positives and to see everything as half full instead of half empty. Xxx

  2. Monday is marvellous, the kids go to school and I get the computer all to myself – lol:) Glad you are enjoying uni holidays and saving for Europe, I’m sure it’ll be an awesome trip.

    • haha that’s a very legitimate reason to love Mondays 😉
      there’s actually nothing like having the house to yourself sometimes!

      thanks heaps!
      I can’t believe I’m THAT GIRL that hasn’t been to Europe..
      I can see myself going back a few times for sure !

  3. Realizing some of those things really IS marvelous! Especially the holiday 🙂 you’re going to have such an amazing time! Europe is incredible.

    • oh so I’ve heard from soo many people!!
      some of the cities are just so so picturesque and beautiful, it’s like another world!
      I just feel like a bit of a noob not having been yet;
      but hey, not long now 🙂
      I wouldn’t mind backpacking either!

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