Saturday Shenanigans & Spontaneous Revelations about the Future.

Happy Saturday to everyone out there, wherever you are in the world!
Which is a total contradiction, because it’s probably like Thursday over in Iceland or something, which is awkward…

I got home at about 2am from a night out, and was absolutely ravenous. So I did what any obviously normal and intelligent person would do- make myself brekkie #1!
There was one thing I was craving, and one thing only: nothing, I mean nothing, was going to get in the way of an almond butter and banana cinnamon sandwich!
I inhaled this like it’s my day job:

IMG_0890 (I clearly have no coordination that early, and struggled with actually getting any cinnamon on the actual sandwich… I’m workin’ on it)

I woke up later feeling a tad crappy to say the least, but dragged my sorry butt to Body Attack anyway. I’m glad I did, because I instantly felt perked up and ready to tackle the day ahead! Isn’t it amazing what a good sweat sesh can do to refresh you, and put you in an awesome frame of mind? My drug of choice, fo’ sho. 😉

It was absolutely pouring in Sydney, I’m talking torrential rain! So Ally and I had to wave goodbye (very begrudgingly) to our plans to go to Paddington Markets, but ended up doing what we do best- talking and eating. Pure talent from us ladies!
We went to a cute, trendy little cafe called Clipper Cafe, I ordered the avocado and tomato on sourdough, and Ally opted for the bircher muesli. Just a casual floating bike, what of it? Pretty standard stuff, really. The decor was so quirky!


So we munched and chatted away until we were fairly sure we were going to get kicked out.
The adventures of Klo-Klo and Al-Dog! Awesome nicknames, we know. We’ve totally been considering getting our own radio station up and running… watch this space 😉


I feel like I’m having a bit of a mid life (…quarter life?) crisis at the moment, in terms of thinking about what I want to do as a career and what I’m most passionate about.
For me, it’s one of the most important things in life to make sure that in the end, you’re doing what you love, and what you were born to do. We all have something that’s perfect for us, and some people take years to find it, that’s okay- as long as you do!

So basically as you may know, I’m almost in my 2nd year of a Journalism degree… and originally wanted nothing more than to write for a magazine, you know, maybe the fitness and health section, even the fashion section.
Living the glamourous life, getting gorgeous freebies, going out to product launch lunches everyday… that kind of thing.
Looking back, and especially now I’ve had a taste of the course, I was a bit naive and realise that’s such a tiny part of journalism! Mostly, journalism is all about seeking the truth in society, and exposing it- and this could be about hard-hitting topics like politics and other global issues.
Not necessarily reporting to your readers about the latest, and cutest, gear to don in the gym- and I now totally get that.
It may have been wishful thinking on my part!

I’ve kind of been dabbling in the prospect of maaaaybe doing a course in nutrition and dietetics, as over the last few years, my passion and interest for it has grown immensely; and I’d love to know more, and be able to help others tailor diets to suit their individual needs, as well as spreading the healthy eating/living lurve.
However, that would mean another 5 years at uni, on top of my 3 years of journalism- IF I waited it out.

So I’m just working through my options, and trying so hard not to rush into any crazy decisions (typical Kloe!)

Any nutritionists or dieticians out there? Do you love your job?
Which course did you guys do at uni or college?

Any journalists?!

And here’s an awesome quote that really resonated with me today, enjoy:


Goodnight lovelies 🙂 x


2 responses to “Saturday Shenanigans & Spontaneous Revelations about the Future.

  1. You and I had a long convo on Twitter about journalism, but if you ever wanna talk more, just email me – Honestly, I could talk about this stuff all day, especially since it seems we’re having the same thoughts about journalism and potentially going into nutrition.

    Also, what is Body Attack? I’m intrigued.

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