WIAW: Except on Friday. Explanation included, Promise!


So it’s officially the day after Valentine’s Day; and we’re either still riding the loved up high that is chocolates and teddy bears; or we’re rejoicing that we made it through without resorting to going through a whole box of Kleenex on the lounge, watching Bridget Jones…
Or if you’re 96% of the population, even though you won’t admit it, you’re secretly cheering about all the cheap goodies, and totally taking advantage of it. Valentines Day, you’re very welcome to come back next year… 😉

For me, it was really a pretty uneventful day; as I had just one goal on my mind, uno: to finish (…and start, let’s be honest, we’re all friends here) Tom’s extremely late Valentines Day gift. I’m happy to say roughly 4 hours later, I got it all done and dusted;
however, a bit less proud to say I popped it in the mail, only to find out it’ll get to him half way through next week.
Hell, may as well send it on over at Christmas instead!




“Kloe, are you feeling okay? You do realise that it’s in fact Friday, not Wednesday…”
Yes yes I know, but I came across this awesome initiative that Jenn came up with, who blogs over at Peas and Crayons.
I’m pretty darn late to jump on the bandwagon for this, but basically on Wednesday, everyone in the health/fitness blogging community posts what they ate for the day.
Now be careful, because in her own words, Jenn says that this is in no way about judgement or comparison; or anyone showing anyone else the right way to eat.
It’s purely about celebrating good food in general, and just how amazing and fabulous we all know it is. 🙂
Love it, Jenn!

I really want to get involved with it, so I thought I’d do a bit of a practice run today:

So, first up is my all-time favourite meal of the day hands down: breakfast!
My Mum and I always go out for brekkie on Friday mornings before she starts work, it’s our time to catch up and have some good ol’ mother-daughter bonding time 🙂

It was so funny; we both looked at the menu, looked up and immediately announced that we were really diggin’ the oats this morning. Like mother like daughter, huh?


Would you just take a moment to appreciate the ginormous bowl of gooey, yummy goodness right there.
And yep, you caught me- I’m the one who insisted on getting both the strawberries and bananas.
How’s a girl to decide?! These babies were cooked up with soy milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon as well. Deeelish.

At about 10am, I started getting the serious munchies so I got myself a winning combo of a snack, dates and almonds:


Not long after, I grabbed myself some lunch. I went food shopping recently, so I get really excited when I have stocked up shelves!


Salmon and avocado on Helga’s soy and linseed bread, with a side salad of baby spinach and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds.
I’ve only just gotten into those bad boys, and they’re such a yummy and nutritious addition to things like salads and cereal!
give it a really good crunchy texture too. Ain’t complaining.
I also had some plain greek yoghurt and some cut up carrots on the side, just because I could. 🙂

Anyway, that’s what I’ve had up to this point today- and like I said, this was a trial run for the real deal, next Wednesday.
So don’t mind me, looking like I’ve got no idea how a calendar works… which I generally don’t at the best of times! #uniholidayproblems

So I’m heading out to a new-to-me club with a few friends tonight on Oxford Street called Teen Spirit, apparently they play 90s music and you basically just dance your booty off, and relive the days where wearing scrunchies and flare jeans were cool.
Don’t know about you, but I’m definitely keen!

What have you guys got planned for your Friday night? Going out, or just having a relaxing one?
What’s your post-Valentines Day look like?


7 responses to “WIAW: Except on Friday. Explanation included, Promise!

    • hahah ally dear, this isn’t everything I ate today! what you didn’t hear about is my sneaky trips to the almond butter jar and some dates 😉 hehe.
      I’m trying to be good at the moment though!
      hahah it’s cause I’m a poor uni student and just didn’t spend money on dressing 😛
      do wish I did though!

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