Silver Linings Playbook & Round 2 of Nike She Runs.

Why hello there, fabulous people!

Have you ever had one of those days to yourself, no plans ahead of you, so you decide to just go out and explore the city for a bit and just roll with the day; only to arrive home at the end of the day and wonder how the hell you just passed it?
Today’s definitely been like that for me.

I headed out this morning to go to the city library (mega nerd moment #32) to check out some books I’ve been meaning to borrow, with the intention of maaaybe looking at a few shops around as well here and there…
and I ended up walking through the door at 4pm.
Where the hell did the last 6 hours go?! I feel as though I’ve walked into some crazy time machine and got spit out the other end, all dazed and confused…

And guess what? I didn’t even come home with any of the books I was after. Fail? I think so!
But what I did do instead, was go and see ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, which I have really mixed feelings about.
First up, let me start by saying I’m a massive fan of both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Jennifer, because she’s such a strong, positive woman in real life, and really promotes the fact that it’s okay to be curvy and healthy among the insane body expectations Hollywood, and also society, places on women.
She’s an awesome role model in this way, and isn’t afraid to really be herself and be totally confident and rock it. Go girl!
Bradley Cooper on the other hand, well, c’mon ladies… Do I even need to explain this? Oh hey there, sexy blue eyes and 12 pack abs… 😉
The followed that general structure of a chick flick- two meet, and inevitably fall in love in the end; but the actual way it’s approached is completely unconventional.
Both Jennifer and Bradley are previous mental ward patients that have both been through a loss in terms of their former marriages, but finally find companionship and love with eachother.
…Okay, I realise I just completely disproved my point with a very cliched description, but you get the point!
Unfortunately, as brilliant as these two are; I just could not feel the chemistry between them, so of course their passion for eachother came across as a bit, well, blah.

However, I will give them both credit for their great acting: they both play characters struggling with a mental disorder very well.

All in all, it was an easy watch with talented actors and actresses, and would be good if you weren’t in the mood to actually use your brain in any way, and just cruise with it. 🙂
And hey, there’s great eye candy material, so that’s never a bad thing.


As a little side note, I want to make a special mention to my lunch; because really, what’s a post on Running Shoes & Chocolate Mousse without a spontaneous profession of love for some kind of food?!

Rice Paper Rolls: something I’m currently loving for a light meal or even a snack. They’re just so fresh, and I can never decide between prawn, tuna, chicken or veggie…
What do you do in this situation? Best resolution = get one of each. Or two, just for good measure. 😉



Today, as I was battling to survive my intense afternoon slump, and thought I’d get on the ol’ laptop to read a few blogs to cheer me up; I came across a beauty of an email waiting for me in my inbox, with some exciting news…

Wait for it guys, you may want to sit down for this one.

Nike has released the date for their 2013 Nike She Runs the Night run! 😀
Don’t act like you’re not excited, this is big!
The run will be on the 4th of May, around Sydney Centennial Park like last year;
but there’s one major change… the race is only 10K! It was 14K last year!

But you know what? I learned the hard way that it’s so, so vital to train progressively and properly for any race that is longer than your usual mileage, so I’m completely content with a 10K, because that’s about how much I’m running at the moment and I won’t have to train really aggressively and risk injuring myself again.
Last year, I didn’t even train! I was only running a maximum of 8km, and thought, hey, why the hell not? 14km, pfft, no biggie!
Hm, not so Kloe, meet femoral stress fracture, you’re buddy (well, frenemy more like it..) for the next 4 months!

Even so, the race last year was incredible- it was literally hundreds of women gathering together to celebrate the strength and determination that us ladies have, and also their passion for running! It was amazing running at night, there were lights everywhere, complete with DJs along the way and inspirational quotes in big, lit-up neon letters.

It’s such a fun, worthwhile event, all those Sydney ladies who love running; I’d encourage you to #getafterit!

run unleased

Is it weird that I kinda love the poster?! It makes us chicks look absolutely fierce, like we’re this incredible force just waiting to be unleashed…
You better watch your backs, Sydney. 😉

Now it’s over to you, fitfam:

Has anyone seen Silver Linings Playbook? What did you think of it?
Who got involved in the Nike She Runs last year, how did you train, and did you love it as much as I did?!


8 responses to “Silver Linings Playbook & Round 2 of Nike She Runs.

  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but I desperatelyyyy want to. I plan on reading the book the movie is based off of once I’m done with my current read. I think I’m like you and WANT to like it solely because of how much I love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

    • I know right?! sometimes movies have such an allstar cast you convince yourself that it obviously has to be amazing 😛
      do you prefer reading the books first? I wish I could make it through one book! I get so restless, even if it’s good and give up!

  2. I actually really want to see that movie even after hearing so many mixed reviews about it. Maybe when I can find it online and I’m bored one day…

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