Nightclub Cardio Theatre + the Importance of Refuelling.

Happy Sunday people!

Ah, the day of spiralling into a deep depression with the knowledge that work or school is looming on the horizon.
Unless you’re a uni student like me, and you’re still on your 4 month holiday, and have consequently forgotten how to use your brain in any productive way whatsoever…
I digress. 🙂

This morning I woke up and skipped to the fridge like a kid at Christmas to suss out my overnight oats.
I topped them with some cinnamon, almond butter and almonds (not enough almonds, not even close).
My verdict is: I’m not a big fan! I know, I know, sue me, I’m not a real health and fitness blogger…
I liked the chewy, thick and cool texture, which is great for a summer morning, but I wasn’t digging the tartness that the yoghurt added.


Meet the ugliest breakfast ever. I’m sorry you had to see that. Cute bowl though, no?

The fantastic sunrise view from my new window made up for it though:


Oh Sydney, how I love thee. 🙂


This morning I headed to the gym around 9.30am because I was keen for a good, long Sunday run.
I ended up doing 9km in 49 minutes, so at a pace of aboutttt 5:18/km.
(thankgod for treadmills telling the maths-challenged people like me that info!)

I have to take a second to brag about the cardio theatre at my gym: it’s literally what would happen if a nightclub and a cinema had a love child.
It has a massive cinema screen, and it’s all dark in there except for some nifty, almost radioactive blue lights.
I think next time I might rock up in some little sequin dress and heels and run a few km’s, and bring my own smoke machine and strobe lights to really get the atmosphere pumping 😉
You’re welcome to come and join said mad rave. Will give details later. 😛

The view from my treadmill. Not completely awful, hey?


When I got home, I was ravenous and was preparing myself to pretty much eat my own arm on the bus ride home. Luckily, I didn’t have to resort to that, and still have both of them. Could’ve ended badly though, I will admit…

I whipped up a delicious salmon, avocado and salad sandwich, with some spinach on the side for good measure and for all the fab nutrients it offers.


Refuelling after working out is so important, but we often don’t realise just how much we need to feed our body to help it recover!
Make sure your post-workout meal gets in your belly as quickly as you possibly can, and it should have plenty of complex carbohydrates to refill those depleted glycogen stores, as well as lots of protein too, to help repair and rebuild the muscles and make them stronger.
Hello, sneaky bicep flex! 😉

Here’s some great ideas of food you can enjoy after a tough workout:

  • Wholemeal bread with some nut butter or cream cheese
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Big bowl of yoghurt and fruit/nuts
  • Veggie omelette with a piece of wholemeal bread
  • Turkey, ham, chicken or roast beef and salad sandwich
  • Decadent smoothie with milk, yoghurt, fruit, some protein powder
  • Oatmeal with banana
  • Veggie stirfry with chicken, beef or tofu and brown rice
  • Protein shake

Just make sure you’re giving your body back some of the energy it just expended!
It’s almost like fuelling a car, you can’t drive it without petrol… how can you expect your body to keep going about your day after a workout if you don’t give it the energy it needs?!
(lame example #67; ignore them…)

I’m hopefully off to the family home tonight for dinner and some quality catching up.

Have a lovely and relaxing rest of your Sunday, and prep up for the week ahead! 🙂

What’s your favourite post-workout meal or snack?
Which protein shake do you use after exercise?


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