Asics Gel GT 2000 Running Shoes Review & my Ghost Apartment.

Good morning!

I promised myself I’d sleep in this morning, but clearly that was a bit of a complete fail, considering the time is currently 8:31am… and then also taking into account I’ve been up since 6.30am.
I’ve been so busy and running on adrenalin lately because there’s been so much going on (cue head imploding)- so I’ve been getting probably a max of 5 hours of sleep a night, which I knowww is terrible! Time out corner for me, I hear ya.

I stayed up later than I should’ve last night; but having coffee with my friend Tess, we both came back to my new apartment and I finally had the opportunity to chat to my housemates! Which of course, this girl was definitely not going to pass up.

Especially considering I got up yesterday, excited to get to know everyone a bit better, and the only person I saw in the apartment all day was the cleaner… as sweet as she is, not really the person I was planning on sitting down and sipping a cocktail with and chatting. But hey!
I ended up going to spin class, followed by some triceps and chest work; and when I came home someone had emerged from their cave (aka bedroom) Exciting stuff. 😀


I refuelled with my favourite. ever: Wholegrain toast with peanut butter, sunflower seeds, chia seeds & cinnamon. (sorry for the monster photo- but you know you love it!) I had to throw in a nice, fresh salad because it’s so freakin’ hot here in Sydney! Summer’s finally decided it might make an appearance, just before Autumn starts. Awesome logic, Sydney, appreciate it. 😉


Now, let’s get down to business. I want to talk running/general workout shoes.
And we all know us fellow runners/fitness fanatics take this stuff very seriously, our gadgets are our babies.
(You’re all totally doing that ‘I-can-so-relate’ nod at your screen, don’t deny it!)

I recently bought some Gel GT 2000’s, which are the newest in the range, so I figured they’d be tops.
I went to Athlete’s Foot, where they’re able to take a look at the way you stand and walk, and whether you’re an overpronator, underpronator, or have a neutral foot, and suggest the “perfect” shoe for you, your goals and your lifestyle.
I found out that I’m quite a bit of an overpronator, and so he suggested that these babies would be great as they had the support in the arch and the sides of the foot that I needed- I also told him about my depressing stress fracture history, and he said that the GT 2000’s have great cushioning to reduce impact on all your joints, muscles, etc.


I was sold, right then and there. Done deal, buddy! I’m such a sucker like that, whatever a sales assistant tells me, is gospel and I totally trust it everytime.
So off I skipped into the sunset with my new running kicks in hand.

But now that I’ve started really using them for not only running, but all my favourite classes, I’m not sure if I’m completely in love with them…
They sometimes feel a bit clunky and awkwardly big, like they’re heavy and really restricting the natural movement of my feet.
After runs, I always get aching arches like clockwork, without fail!
Then the other day when I did Body Attack, I awoke the next day with the sorest feet- my arches, the sides, even the bottoms (is that even possible?!)
Then my calves- let’s not even go there. They were on FIYAH- and not the good burn we all know and love! 😦

So, naturally, being the research fiend I am, I’ve been googling my little heart out to find out what shoes might be better for me: do I have way too much support? Do I need to switch brands?
I used to have Nike Free Runs a few years ago (I know, the ultimate conformist!) and I used to run in them a lot with no problems, as well as participate in all other classes I usually do.
When I switched to Asics, that’s when I’ve had problems with a lot of injuries, and now this weird, killer soreness…

So basically, I’m completely lost and in over my head here!
And wanted to ask you lovely people what your opinions were.

What shoes do you use for running and/or working out? What kind of distances do you run in your current shoes?
Do you use different shoes for both?

Do you have problems with injuries/soreness with your current shoes?

Sorry to completely bombard you there, I’m like a little kid with the “are we there yet?” thing going on,
but I just really want to get this done and dusted.

It’s another beautiful day today in Sydney, so I’m off to the beach with the lovely lady Ally. 🙂

Have a great one, and make the most of this incredible Summer weather while it lasts, Aussies out there!


39 responses to “Asics Gel GT 2000 Running Shoes Review & my Ghost Apartment.

  1. Ok, so you’re not going to love me, but I’m not an Asics fan. From what I’ve been told, the gel in their cushioning is totally unresponsive. Being a runner/fit nut is like being cinderella, we have to find the right brand! Have you been checked out for form? Running shops will watch you and assess your walk, or even film you on a treadmill.

    Ok, non-scientific ramble over – they are so pretty! And I hope you get some sleep, it’s tricky to sleep in with the temperature like this!

    • Oh no I am actually totally with you there! I gave Asics a go because I heard they were good for running, and some people swear by them, but definitely not a fan! After I run and after I did Body Attack, my feet just ached unbearably! It was really weird. I used to have Nike Free Runs, and I never had that problem.

      I got my feet analysed by someone at Athlete’s Foot, but I guess that’s not really checking my form and the way I run, which would be so valuable to know! Where can you get that done?

      Which shoes do you have? And do you know if Nike LunarGlides are good at all?


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  3. I love my asics gel-kayano 18’s – they’re absolutely the right shoe for me. But everyone’s different (of course) and I only run 6km at a time. What I would say is, you really need a cross trainer for Body Attack. I just found your blog – so I don’t know how often you do classes, but a pair of runners for forward motion, and a pair of cross trainers for group fitness was the best advice I have ever recieved. I was having all types of ankle/knee/lowerback/shin splint troubles, and when I moved to having multiple shoes for specific purposes, which I rotated, I had a lot less problems, and I also got a lot more wear out of my shoes. Joggers really don’t provide the right type of support for Attack

    • Hey there, oh that’s great to hear they’re perfect for you! I recently got insoles because I was told that I overpronate quite a bit (hellooo, injuries) and the gels weren’t providing enough support.
      that was my thinking exactly! i get espcially sore feet after body attack in my structured shoes, so they’re much better for running, i think you definitely need to rotate and have cross training shoes that are flexible and allow you to more laterally and natural foot movement etc for body attack.

      unfortunately ive just been diagnosed with a femoral stress fracture this morning, so i won’t have to think about all this for a while now! 😦
      its off to spin and body pump for me for a few weeks!

      thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


  4. Do they have holes in them by the time you switch them? Can you send me your email. Itwluld be easier than making this comment chain super long

    • who are you and what company are you from?
      okay I don’t really know what you want from me, old shoes cause injuries etc, and I’ve already thrown them out.

      • Oh I was just curiouu I am not from any campany. How often do you replace your running shoes? There are orgs that recycle old shoes by grinding them up. Also, do you wear yours till they have holes. Email is

      • you’re very persistent wow! I haven’t been running for a while, on an off for a year, so I’m in noway a seasoned runner probably won’t be of much help. I’ve heard if you’re running a lot you should replace about every 6 months, or there’s a certain number of miles that you shouldn’t go over. definitely don’t wear them down to holes; I’d be swimming in injuries if that was the case!

    • oh okay. are you a blogger too or? it’s just that there are so many other more knowledgable runners out there than me, that’s all, I’m only brand new to it.
      thanks 🙂

      • I am just starting to blog. Did you cross train in the years past instead. Was it hard to say bye to your old running shoes haha? Good luck I have run for years

      • ummm well I’m only 19, so really I’ve been exercising regularly for only a few years now. I like group fitness classes so I’ve done then mostly. nah not really because you get a better pair anyway

      • asics, always asics. yeah I’ve been injured on and off for the last year; so when I go back to running ill join a running club to make sure I’m doing it right. I was always running too fast and too much too soon!

  5. Asics is an awesome brand so is brooks. What model were your last asics? Did they look pretty goss after a 6ear or just worn out?

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