New Workout Songs & a Sushi Match made in Heaven.

It’s finally here, everyone, it’s been a long time coming…

WEDNESDAY! Or otherwise known as Hump Day, or the spawn of the devil, or the one day of the week you’d rather poke yourself in the eye than have to experience… it’s okay, we got through it, and it’s all downhill from here. 🙂
Hello, weekend in 2 days, come at me!

This morning I started work at 9am, which isn’t mega early, but considering it was the one day this early bird wanted to sleep in… it was pretty hard to drag myself out of bed. I’m usually one of those people who literally leap out of bed at the first ray of light (I’m talking like 6.30am here, people, not even exaggerating) and is raring to go and to tackle the day ahead.
But I think all that can change in an instant when you know you’ve got work first thing… not fun. In the slightest.

But a bit of window shopping after work cheered me up, as I drooled over all the amazing clothes I have fallen deeply in love with but cannot afford right now, being the poverty-stricken uni student that I am. #unilyf 😦

IMG_0817                       IMG_0818

Oh Witchery, stahp it you.
I’m the single biggest sucker for lace, and this white lace peplum just called to me… but it soon shut up as soon as I saw the $169.90 price tag. I think my jaw actually dropped open, but then I did one of those embarrassed, sneaky glances around to make sure no one saw… about 5 people did, including the shop assistant. My bad?

I’m loving the leather elbow patches on the cream sweater, and it’s a perfect match for the leather pants next to it (go figure, hence being within 10 centimetres of eachother! C’mon Kloe, you work in retail!)
Don’t know about you, but I’m getting a wee bit excited for Winter fashion, which seems to be making a bit of an appearance.
It’s my favourite season for fashion, can’t wait 😉


Then I strolled around in Lululemon, pretending I was one of those rich yogi chicks who could afford a whole wardrobe of the good stuff. If only!
My workout wardrobe is packed full of Lorna Jane gear, but lately I’ve been really getting into Lululemon!
Their stuff is all specifically designed for all types of exercise, and even the type of fabric they use is carefully selected so you don’t overheat and spontaneously combust on a run… Hey, I ain’t complaining! This is definitely a must to avoid such public awkward situations. 😛


I hit a suchi jackpot today, in every sense of the obviously really popular term! It will become a thing, I swear, it’s cool..

Check this baby out:


May I introduce to you, the queen of all sushi rolls ever: peanut butter tofu sushi.
My mind was completely blown! I was first a little bit skeptical of this crazy combo, but I assure you it doesn’t just work together; it’s a match made in heaven. Who knew?!
I’m totally inspired, and am thinking of changing my career path from journalism/personal training/group fitness instructing to being a sushi inventor.
Think Twix and Gummi Bear sushi.

And even better, this roll was only $1.50. How is this even possible? I probably had the biggest, stupidest grin on my face; not even ashamed. 🙂


Is it just me, or has there been a severe lack of awesome, get-the-heart-pumpin’ workout songs lately?!
For me, music is a big massive motivator when it comes to working out, this is one of the many reasons I fell in love with Body Attack and Body Pump and want to teach them someday!
I definitely agree with all the scientific research claiming that a playlist of rockin’ songs can make you work so much harder, as well as having a hell of a lot more fun!

I recently found a few good songs from 2013 so far (shock and horror!) to use in your new, revamped gym playlist:


Special mention to ‘Scream & Shout’, the collaboration between the unlikely pair, Will.I.Am and Britney Spears, that track just makes me want- no, need- to dance whenever it comes on!

What is your favourite season for fashion, and why?
Favourite type of sushi ever?

Have you discovered any amaze workout songs lately that you can share?

Have a great night all! x


3 responses to “New Workout Songs & a Sushi Match made in Heaven.

    • Don’t worry, I was a bit concerned about this combo too.. like I love tofu (which heaps of people don’t?! weird..) and PB, but can’t say I thought of them as a combo.

      PB is my absolute weakness! Honestly, I can go through a jar in 2 days… it’s happened, not going to lie. haha 🙂

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