Oh no, I’m going to be one of THOSE group fitness instructors…

Why hello there, lovely fit fam!

How was your Tuesday?
Okay, so I’m assuming this question was closely followed by either an intense glare in my general direction, or possibly even a bit of a naughty gesture… Don’t worry, I’m not feelin’ it either this week.
No worries, it’s almost Hump Day! Which I just realised is not encouraging at all, the fact that it hasn’t even been Wednesday; and I just made it ten times worse.
So I’m going to move on before this gets out of hand.

I started my day off with an epic sleep in, until the cleaner completely ruined my amazing slumber by knocking unnecessarily loud on my door, proceeding to let herself in to find me in the pitch black at 11.30am, probably looking like some hermit wearing particularly cute pyjamas…
Anyway, that was my (very rude and suddden) wake up call, so I decided to put on some socially acceptable clothes, and head out for a bit of a shop browse in the city (purely window shopping for this girl, sadly).

Can I just express my love for Kikki.K, the Swedish stationary shop for a second? I’ve always been a sucker for cute, quirky stationary, and Kikki.K pulls it off, every. single. time.
I could spend hours in there until I got kicked out unless I bought something… Would not put it past me.


I found this absolutely adorable mug and bowl, spreadin’ the positivity and love.
I will admit I was fantasising about eating my brekkie oats out of that bowl… /sigh. 🙂

I went into a shop called Pure Health as well, as I was curious, and my gosh, did it have every single supplement, protein powder, vitamin or mineral you could ever need… or not need, really.

I also came across this irresistible little family of nut butters… Lord, give me strength. This shop knows me way to well, and this section was set up purely to tempt me… they knew I was coming!


Coconut chocolate butter?! Never heard of this stuff, but is anyone else as keen to try it as I am?
Yeah, could just be me… as per usual.


My gym session tonight was particularly eventful and interesting, before you groan and roll your eyes, I promise!
I scored a free Personal Training session at Fitness First, and today was my appointment.
I mean, it wasn’t really that life-changing and I didn’t get really any revelations, but at least the guy showed me some exercises that I can do with kettlebells, which I’ve never used, as well as making me hit up the crazy, torture device-looking equipment that all the buff guys use in the weights room, whilst admiring their biceps in the full-length mirrors.
So that was kind of interesting!

I also have a confession to make, people… I left in the middle of a group fitness class today.
Okay okay, just let me explain myself!
It was a cycle class, and the instructor totally decided to pick on me from the beginning!
For basically the first half of the class I actually stayed for, he refused to let anyone actually put any resistance on their bike, to the point everyone was bouncing around like a pack of bunnies.
I put on some to get me an actual good workout in, and then he tut-tuted me and was like, “see? This is what happens when people are new, they put on too much resistance and can’t go fast enough!”

I was biting my tongue so hard, telling myself not to say anything… but really?!
1) Pretty sure you don’t just say stuff like that as a group fitness instructor,
and 2) I’m qualified to teach spin and cycle, and I’ve been taught otherwise about the whole resistance situation? I’m under the impression that the balance between cadence and resistance is vital to getting the most out of your workout…

So anyway, I snuck out, and hopped on a spin bike in the gym, and did my own half an hour on there and felt much more satisfied!
I hope I’m not going to be one of those group fitness instructors that is convinced that it’s my way or the high way! Good start, Kloe, good start…

I followed up my cycle with a really good stretch, and then some triceps, chest and biceps work in the weights room.

And now I’m pondering whether to do my #AbsByApril challenge week 3 now, but I might save it for tomorrow!
Time to rest up. 🙂

Now over to you guys: what do you like in a group fitness instructor?
What can they do to motivate you and keep you coming back?
I’d love to hear some examples from you!


7 responses to “Oh no, I’m going to be one of THOSE group fitness instructors…

  1. My pet hate is when a leader of a group, be it fitness or any other, seeks to humiliate one of the group….I never go back to that group, even if I’m not the “victim”. I prefer a leader who encourages and if you aren’t following their instruction speaks to you on the quiet and explains why they want something done in a particular way!!!!!

    • I definitely have to agree with you there, as you can see from my experience it was pretty humiliating to say the least!

      A leader needs to be supportive and encouraging, and yes it’s their job to implement rules on how things are done (because they know the most about it), but they need to be understanding and compassionate as well 🙂

  2. Ohhh I can’t stand those types of smug, mean instructors and are part of the reason I choose to work out alone with my iPod most of the time. Good on you for sneaking out and HELL to the YES I wanna try that Coconut Chocolate Butter too!!

  3. I completely agree with you!
    I mean, I usually loveee going to group fitness classes; but that’s when you get a motivating, encouraging instructor who is clearly passionate about what they do and is just there to have fun and help people be healthy.
    Sometimes working out with the good ol’ iPod is the best thing ever 🙂

    I wish I’d bought some of the coconut chocolate butter!
    Will be going back for it 😉

    • Hahaha you and me both!
      I’ve got so many of the cute little journals and things from Kikki.K… and few too many pens.

      Wow, really?? What do you like to do instead fitness-wise?
      The classes are great for motivation and a bit of fun in a group, I found they added a whole lot more interest to my workout and got me having fun in the gym again! But that’s probably because I wasn’t changing up my usual routine enough 🙂

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