End of Running Hiatus & my Genius Excuse to eat Fairy Bread over age 5

Today was a pretty exciting day for this girl right here.

No, not the whole working-for-7-hours-in-retail thing, as riveting and not mind-numbing that was,
But I finally went for a much-needed run again after a 3 week hiatus! /happy Kloe does happy dance. 🙂

I hear you all cry, “but Kloe, you’re the most running-obsessed person I know, what’s with the spontaneous lay-off?!”
And to be quite honest, concerned besties of mine out there, I have no idea what compelled me to go cold turkey on it!
(…isn’t that supposed to be what you do with potentially dangerous addictions?!)

Anyway, I got in a good 7.39km run in 39:28… Tell me I’m the superstitious, crazy cat woman I am, but I’m sensing a numerical theme there with the 39. Totally didn’t plan that to try and be all cool and spooky, I swear.
It’s a sign (and it’s also been a long day, okay? Gimme a break).

It felt really good to just hit the treadmill and let le legs do their thang.
I’m not usually the biggest fan of treadmills because of the complimentary feeling that you are a hamster that comes with it, but quite honestly, this fussy runner couldn’t care less this time.
And no, that wasn’t just because I was watching Lady Gaga and Carly Rae Jepsen video clips on the Fitness First TVs…
so what if it was?! Judge me all you like. 😉

IMG_0805                             IMG_0803

Just taking awkward stretching selfies with mah best mate, medicine ball. What? You don’t do that?
Pffsh, You’re just saying that.
You all pose with various gym equipments, smile at yourself creepily in the mirror, and get weird looks from unsuspecting victims in the gym (admit it).

I also may have found the elusive, sought-after key to being able to act like a 5-year-old and get away with eating fairy bread for the rest of your life… behold (in all its awkward angle glory, I do apologise):


Wholemeal bread toped with a bit of greek yoghurt, sliced banana, white chia seeds and shredded coconut!
So it’s an excuse to reminisce on the days when eating bread slathered in multiple layers of butter, then colourful sprinkles, was socially acceptable…
But I just but a super-healthy spin on it, and I kinda like that it’s got this snow theme thing going on…
I’m extremely pathetic, realised this was the closest I’d been to the snow (breakfast resembling it) and almost decided I’d crack out the gloves and beanie for good measure.
However, this did not occur, so you do not need to be concerned for my general wellbeing at this point. 😉

Don’t even ask about the completely random combination going on here; it was early, I’m not even sure if I was aware of what I was doing/chucking on my poor, defenceless toast.. but hey, it turned out pretty damn delicious, if I do say so myself!


Shout out to my amazing lunch from Sumo Salad: you were an absolute party, and the new love of my life (sorry you had to find out this way, Tom).
…is it really quite sad that I just did a bit of a holla to my lunch? I’m a bit embarrassed, so let’s pretend that didn’t happen.

I’d love to hear from you guys out there!
Anyone planning to compete in any running races this year, maybe a 10K, a half-marathon, or even go all out with a marathon?!

I’d love to run a half-marathon, I just need to find one on in Australia so I can start training for it! It just sounds so exciting, something that would give you such a big sense of achievement after a challenge like that. 🙂

What was your favourite party treat as a kid?
I was definitely a sucker for the fairy bread, obviously… look at me 14 years on /sigh.


3 responses to “End of Running Hiatus & my Genius Excuse to eat Fairy Bread over age 5

  1. Well, I have to agree with you that Fairy Bread is pretty special. On my birthday last year I actually made an effort to find gluten free sprinkles and make fairy bread on my birthday (because sprinkles make everything better!) and then I was seriously disappointed because it wasn’t as smack bang amazing as I remembered haha 😛

    • Hahaha nothing like the real deal, huh?
      no matter how far and wide we search for substitutes 😦

      I’ve been getting into a lot of gluten free recipes lately, especially baking, and finding them actually really delicious!


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