Birthday Lunch at ‘The Grounds’ + The Time I Almost Smuggled a Bunny from a Petting Zoo

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely, relaxing Sunday- let’s admit it, we all know the only reason that Sunday exists is to be entirely lazy, spend the first five hours of the day snuggled up in your pj’s, sporting your most attractive fuzzy socks, sipping a much-needed coffee (hellooo, caffeine, come at me.) 😉

After the mandatory lazy sesh, the family and I decided it might be a good idea to actually physically peel ourselves from the lounge, and head out for a birthday lunch at ‘The Grounds’ in Alexandria; which I will just tell you all now, will change. your. world.

A drastic, tad dramatic claim? Maybe. But completely accurate. And maybe you’d be as dramatic as me if you got to experience this awesome little (…actually, it took up like a block, I swear!) cafe/restaurant/market/…petting zoo? It was all happening! There was even a DJ rockin’ out some tunes, despite being a completely unexplainable and random addition to the cafe scene (um, fairly sure this isn’t a hardcore nightclub, last time I checked?!)
But hey, good on him for doing his thang. Respect, buddy.

So anyway, we were told that today was incredibly hectic, and there would be about an hour wait- this could mean only one thing: snacking on some amaze gluten-free muffins and coffee to get us through the long haul, and a trip to the complimentary petting zoo with my step sister Zoe and little brother Wil.


Yes, I’m aware my face is quite possibly the most awkward thing to ever happen in the history of the world, but I was still reeling after Wil had literally grabbed the poor guinea pigs head and proceeded to pull it! My god, I thought we were going to have to pay some massive fine for causing the death of one of the animals… and then get escorted out by security.
Anyway, I was also plotting to smuggle out one of the bunnies, hence the evil, scheming eyes… I’m a creep, what of it?



Can I just talk about the bunnies and piglets for a second: …I die. That’s all I can manage to say, just too. overcome. by cuteness.

The Grounds is this awesome, hip, trendy place (I actually cannot believe I just said those words, first and last time, I promise) with this really eclectic, modern feel to it.
It’s an old pie factory from the 1900s that’s been refurbished, and is surrounded by a garden just brimming with fresh veggies and herbs, which are used in all the meals. If that ain’t sustainable and resourceful, I don’t know what is, right?

IMG_0787 IMG_0788IMG_0789IMG_0791

The interior has this fantastic rustic design, I was in love with it!
The pile of deliciousness jumping out at you (and possibly making you salivate just a bit) above is what I ordered for lunch: A poached chicken salad, with pickled celery, pine nuts, walnuts, broccoli and a dukkah dressing.

Your mission for tomorrow: go to said cafe. Buy said salad. Have life-changing experience. Buy round 2 for the road.
I also was able to get in my ‘C’ for day 3 of the #plantPOWER challenge ran by the fabulous Kasey over at PowerCakes.
Sneaky one, as always. Pulling. It. Off.

What is an amazing cafe that you’ve been to lately, or ever?
Any recommendations would be great. 🙂


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