Shakin’ it Up: Cycle Mania.

Tonight I’d fully planned to go to an RPM spin class at the Platinum Fitness First gym up the road at 6pm, but by just up the road I mean battling the main street in the city, on a bus in peak our traffic… smart one, Kloe, you really thought that through!
Needless to say, I rocked up at the gym at 6.01pm on the dot, no word of a lie.
Devastation and tantrums ensued.

Kidding kidding, I’m mature and all that…
…And plus, the beauty of Fitness First’s is that there is quite literally one across the road from mine; so off I skipped over there to suss out whether they had a spin class on, as now I completely had my heart set on hittin’ the bike!

“6.45pm: Cycle”
Hmm, I was a bit skeptical… I’m such a loyal RPM fanatic, because I know it works for me and gives me that ‘my-god-I-can’t-breathe-awesome-workout’ feeling.
I’ve done cycle a couple of times; it’s a freestyle cycle class generally made up by the instructor, with their own music and such, rather than following the Les Mills set-up. It’s probably been about a 2:1 ratio of “um, sorry, what the hell was that?” to “holy cow that was fantastic!” in my reactions to the cycle classes.
But hey, I decided to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, and give his class a go! 😉

The verdict: WOW. This dude was brutal, completely unforgiving, and pushed us to our limits. I literally had sweat dripping into my eyeballs- sorry, just trying to give you a bit of a realistic (albeit a bit too much info) description of how intense it was!
It was funny actually, he waltzed in wearing his little spectacles, and I thought he was going to be pretty gentle; but then as soon as the first working track came on, he whipped off the glasses and started yelling instead!
I couldn’t laugh as I could barely breathe, but would have if I could. 😛

So moral of the story- constantly keep giving new classes a go!
Not only does it help to improve your fitness in new ways, and challenge your body to keep progressing with your goals; it’s such a fantastic way to stay motivated to hit up the gym.
From experience, I’m much more keen and excited for my workout if I know I’m trying something new, or have found something I really enjoy and one of those classes are waiting for me to tear it up. 🙂


2 responses to “Shakin’ it Up: Cycle Mania.

  1. Haha well it’s definitely worn me out now!
    Hey, silly question, but do you know how to remove a blank DVD from a laptop if it’s not being recognised as even being in the drive by the computer?!
    I’m trying to burn my fitness assessment video onto it that is due tomorrow! :\

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