Abs by April.

Just as it’s coming to  the end of an anti-climactic summer (thanks, Sydney, for the blatant moodiness there), I’ve decided, “Hey, it’s pretty much the end of bikini season, I’m about to be wrapped up in massive coats and scarves for months on end… I think it’s time to get that six pack of mine happening!” In all my ‘Kloe-logic’ glory (it’s just that embarrassing and that much of a joke, that it will become a household term, I’m telling ya).

So, I’ve decided to get involved in the lovely Megan at Run Like a Grl‘s Ab’s by April Challenge!
Basically, Megan is ever so kind, and releases an awesome, get-that-sweat-drippin’-and-heart-pumpin’ abs workout every week leading up to April- the workouts ensure that all aspects of your core get some attention and lovin’: your lower and upper abs, as well as your obliques. Ain’t no chance of you not being able to potentially become Miss April in the next Sports Illustrated calendar!
Not sure what the fine print has to say about that, so don’t quote me…
Anyway, it’s a great initiative to get involved in! For all the juicy deets, check out this post here. 
Thanks for getting that up and running, Megan, you creative girl you! I’m expecting great things (and abs). 😉
Join in the fun with the hashtag #AbsByApril. Get after it!


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