My First Pilates Experience.

On Friday morning, my Mum and I were feeling a tad ambitious and brave, and thought we’d hit up an 8.30am pilates class at Fitness First, Mosman.

You can tell we were absolute noobs, because our biggest concern was whether we actually wear shoes to the class, or just go all out and sport the hobo ‘I-just-came-in-off-the-streets-for-a-bit-of-a-pilates-sesh’ look.
We decided this could be risky, and would rather not have our memberships suspended for lack of clothing and/or making other members feel seriously uncomfortable… fair enough. Shoes it was.
Just for the record, though, it turns out all the hardcore pilates class-goers just wear thongs.
…Genius! I have no idea why this didn’t even occur to us. Lesson learned, fo sho.

Anyway, back to the actual class (hence the review, right?)
Being her typical self, Mum decided to set up our mats almost at the back of the room, despite the fact we had no idea what we were doing, had already screwed up the shoe situation (killin’ it!), and the room was probably bigger than a large cruise ship, and it took me a good 5 minutes to realise that the instructor was in fact not an ant.
Yep, definitely turned out not to be the best option- if you’re new to a class, try and snag a spot up the front.
Although it might feel a bit awkward that your moves and skillz will be on display, it’s great to have a clear view of the instructor to make sure that your form and technique is right, just so you don’t injure yourself, and get the most from your workout… and also don’t look like a flailing turtle on your back (read: me most of the class).

I wasn’t actually mad about the class itself. Pilates is known for its ability to give participants a really thorough stretch, as well as some muscle strengthening and conditioning, but to be quite honest, I thought both aspects were a bit half-hearted.
Each section of the class focussed on a different muscle group: this included upper body, core, and legs.
I felt as though the upper body and legs sections were over before I knew it, I barely even noticed them! Therefore, I just didn’t really get the most out of it.
But I will say, the core exercises did do the trick! Most of the latter section of the class concentrated purely on doing lots of sets of abs exercises, and I definitely felt the burn.

Even though I felt satisfied knowing I’m keeping my New Years’ Resolution of trying different and new-to-me classes, I probably wouldn’t go back to pilates again.
If I was really itching for a good stretch out and a bit of good ol’ relaxation for the mind, I’d definitely go to a yoga class instead.
If overall toning and strengthening is what you’re after, I’d recommend finding out when the Body Pump classes are on at your gym and checking them out.
In my experience, Pump is by far the best way to get that tone and strength quickly and effectively, as well as doing it all in an awesome and fun environment (hellooo, nightclub dance music while squatting) 😉


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