Joining Fitness First: Tale of a Kid in a Candy Store.

So yesterday something incredibly exciting happened to me.

Probably akin to being as exciting as going back to school after a Christmas holidays of stuffing your face with gingerbread men and ham to other people, but I was ecstatic.

For about a week now, I’ve been playing an awesome and incredibly competitive game of phone tag with a membership advisor at Fitness First in the city, and she finally sucked me in… Well, no, more like made me spend money I don’t actually have…
But I’m now officially a Fitness First member! 🙂

Paying my first direct debit was closely followed by me skipping off into the sunset with my mandatory Fitness First backpack bobbing gleefully.
…But then realised I hadn’t snagged the latest free Fitness First magazine, so did a bit of a sneaky glance, and tip toed back to snatch one…
What can I say?! The life of a poor uni student studying Journalism, and clearly has to steal her text books. 😉

The gym itself is absolutely amazing and state of the art- there are a few different cardio theatres and weights rooms, a total of three massive group fitness studios, a lovely heated pool, which of course wouldn’t be complete in the luxury standards without an accompanying sauna and spa, which is most definitely has.
I felt even shorter and smaller than I already am, and at 157 centimetres tall; that’s definitely saying a lot! (short, white girl problem #31: can’t even check myself out in the full length mirror over the elliptical… mega sadface.)

It even had this one room with a whole heap of cardio equipment, that was pretty much a cinema! No word of a lie, I was running, while chuckling obnoxiously loud to myself at Homer Simpson’s one-liners… all I needed was a box of popcorn. And some pods. Just keepin’ it practical and sensible while running, only bite-sized stuff 😉

As I was being shown around, like I was some kind of (incredibly short and sweaty-after-workout queen), my eyes probably widened about an inch at every new thing I saw… which, according to my calculations, probably left me looking like I was incredibly high, paired wit the inability to form sentences from intense excitement. (I know, I know, one at a time boys!)

You see, I’m a member of my university gym; but it’s a pretty small one and doesn’t really offer many classes and all the facilities I need (well, let’s be realistic, want) in a gym; so I was lured in by all the shininess of Fitness First and joined!

Since I’m studying to become a group fitness instructor at the moment, it was definitely the best option to make sure I’m at a gym that I can progress in my career in, and really enjoy the atmosphere at so that if I start teaching, I’m as pumped and motivating as I can possibly be! A little birdy also told me (in the form of a brochure, but close enough) that Fitness First offers an awesome mentoring program, where you’re teamed up with an experienced instructor and get a bit of insight into the fitness industry world…
I think this sounds like an incredible opportunity, and a fantastic way to get a feel for it all, see how it works, and get a kick start in the industry.
I can already see me rocking up on day one, sporting a massive grin and wielding a notepad and pen, ready to freak the instructor out with my nerdy and over-enthusiastic ways.

I think it’s safe to say I’m a wee bit excited, and signing up was just what I needed to get me all determined again and heading in the right direction, so that soon I can be kicking peoples’ butts when I teach a class.
Beware, Australia: Beast-mode Kloe on the loose. 😉

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